1. It's a great start for animations with Figma, it still some steps behind XD, but it's getting there, this is the only thing that keeps me from moving completly from xd to figma…

  2. Omg youtubers are more and more liers haha it is soooo SIMPLE TO make a try before you start recording this, anyway. And Figma`s tutorials are not the best . they always show unnecessary ways to make transitions and some animate stuff.

  3. This was so much fun to watch, and informative too! “Ew” 😂 but also seeing how you’re thinking through things in real time instead of a polished tutorial is really insightful, cheers!

  4. I was trying to wrap my head around what made this video feel kind of different… And it might be that bright yellow shirt. Really suits you. ^_^

  5. Am I that early that the audio isn't fully synced or are my eyes tricking, or is there actually a slight delay? Either way I love your content and thank you for sharing

  6. Loving this. Not only is it useful for learning a new tool, but it's useful to see a designer at work. And to help me realize that I'm on the right track and not just bumbling in the dark. Thank you!

  7. This is why I love your channel, it’s not pretentious and you don’t pretend like you have all the answers, so it’s relatable and easy to digest the information + fun to watch! BTW this video could not have come at a better time… I just designed my first site on Figma and have to present it in two weeks, using the smart animate feature will deff impress my boss! Haha <3

  8. Figma is looking very promising! Excited to check this out, I wonder if this would replace my need for InVision for animation in my workflow.

  9. Charli… you went from looking like a lavender plant to a sunflower. Loving how you seem more in the groove of designing with every video!

  10. I was just wondering if this talking through you thinking process is going to be the new standard for a “better” screening process for a job interview. Rob at Folyo is doing a 5 min “Pick out a portfolio pierce and screencast it to a future employer.”

  11. Hi Charlie. Thanks for the video. At 7:17 you were "slightly concerned that the arrow will drop down too." I am having that challenge. What did you do to prevent the drop down? I am trying to animate the hamburger button into the close button for a drop down menu. Do let me know. Thanks.

  12. You can make the menu dropdown whithout having to make whole copy of the screen framing the menu and using an overlay. It really does help a lot keeping the file "organized". Sorry if my english sucks. Cheers from venezuela here, love ur channel (:

  13. If you really want to be wowed by easy motion tweening and smart animate features in an app that is extremely similar to Figma, try InVision Studio. It's the best when it comes to things like that. JP Design Academy does an amazing tutorial with a baseball stats UI.

  14. Hey Charli, Quick question please. how do you insert a video of your screen into your main video. (Just the name of the tool will be fine) Thanks.

  15. Thanks, Charlie! Was searching for smth interesting about smart animate and stumbled upon your channel.
    You lady, certainly have a new subscriber 🙂

  16. This is me explaining stuff to interns that eagerly need my experience X'D… I'm like, wait.. that doesn't work, let's try this.

  17. love this Charli. Good to see someone learning while recording. I have zero experience in this yet but will be using this for my new project. 100% going to film the test now.

  18. How do you show your clients the animation? Do they have to use Figma as well in order to see it, or can you export it as a video/gif/etc?

  19. Are you guys Lagging while Prototype is in the Preview? My Animations are so laggy. I don't know why? Can someone has a similar issue and resolved it? Help me?

  20. Loved this! Thanks for always be authentic, because let's be real this is a great example of how designers learn on the go. Google and tutorials is always the backup for when you get stuck haha. Totally relate!

  21. Great Video! I loved the trial by fire to figure out how intuitive the process is, cause I'm also stubborn like that and enjoy "Faking it till I Make it" and then watching the tutorial. lol. First time Subscriber, loving your vids! Thanks!

  22. Figma didn't search over the internet about the name of the feature. There is a company with a name (smart animate). They do animations as well but a different category. They have registered the name around 5-6 years before.

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