Enlight Videoleap: How to Animate a Solid Background

Let’s get started. Tap plus to add your clip. You will want
a clip of a figure on a bright and solid background. Green screens work great! Tap Tone Lab. Select the color that best matches your background. Play with Hue,
Saturation, and Luminance for a tone you like. Tap Mask and select Linear. Add a keyframe. Scroll forward on the timeline and move your mask. Repeat! The closer
your keyframes are the faster the movement will be. Scroll back to the beginning of the
timeline. Deselect layer. Tap Tone Lab and select a color that
matches a color in your background. Play with Hue, Saturation, and Luminance.
Go Back. Add a Linear Mask and position it differently. Repeat the same process of
animation. Scroll back to the beginning. of timeline and deselect layer. You can
add as many tone lab layers as you want! You’ve now animated your background!


  1. Except you have plus because you “created the app” we may not, so is there any way you can upload separate videos, like a plus version and a non plus version

  2. Does this only work if you have the green screen background? Mine isn’t working and the background is white

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