Download,installation and first run on Linux – VIPole Secure Messenger

Open your browser and go to Go to Download page and download VIPole Linux version for your system Save VIPole installer file After the download is finished, close the browser and open Terminal run VIPole installer Set permissions for the installer:
chmod u+x vipole.*.run Run downloaded installer:
./vipole*.run Follow setup guides Read and accept License agreement Installing VIPole may take a while, please wait Launch VIPole after setup is finished Enter your login (user ID) and password. If you do not have any, Sign up first Select the folder to store your profile data and click Next Move you mouse to randomly generate your encryption keys Click Next to proceed Set your secret phrase that will be used for encryption of your profile data Keep your secret phrase safe, you are the only one who knows it Secret phrase cannot be restored, we can only reset it To add users to your contact list, click – Add a contact Enter user ID(login) of the user you want to add and click Search Click + button to send a request The user should accept your authorization request Congratulations! Now everything is ready for secure communications with your friends and co-workers.


  1. Vipole is great! Really! But how do you install vipole with > sudo apt-get install pulseaudio? That is what it shows in the video….QUOTE: sudo apt-get install "pulseaudio?" HUH? I do believe "pulseaudio" is a audio app like VLC for video/ audio and not messaging?? RIGHT?
    Should the command be more like… sudo apt-get install vipole.86.?? zip
    And in most newer LinuxOSs can't we just Right click on the vipole zip file and choose "install with wget" or any other "install" program?

  2. No reply for 3 weeks?
    That must mean 1. you be to busy to allow 1434 viewers to see "HOW TO" install the actual vipole application on Linux? They did come here to SEE that, Huh?
    2. ???
    3. Maybe some else at vipole knows and cares to show us HOW TO install vipole on Linux?
    Re-name this video so 1443 visitors wont be just learning how to install "pulseaudio?"

  3. The updated video will be uploaded soon , specially for Linux users. For now, if you need any assistance you can send a message to our support team right here

    guide on installing VIPole is always here
    more at

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