Does Google use data from social sites in ranking?

All right. We’re back for another round
of webmaster questions. A lot of questions today. We got almost 500, so we
won’t get to all of those. But there were a lot of
really interesting ones. Let’s start off with the most
popular one, which came from Web SEO Analytics. They asked, Hello, Matt. A recent article of Danny
Sullivan’s suggests that Google uses Twitter and Facebook
links as a ranking signal. Can you confirm this? Can you elaborate a
little bit more on this? Yes, I can confirm it. We do use Twitter and Facebook
links and ranking, as we always have, in our
websearch rankings. But in addition, we’re also
trying to figure out a little bit about the reputation of an
author or a creator on Twitter or Facebook And let me just
give you a little bit of background on that. I filmed a video back in May
2010, where I said that we didn’t use that as a signal. And at the time, we did
not use that as a signal. But now, we’re taping this in
December 2010, and we are using that as a signal. So the exhaustive place, if you
really want comprehensive information, is to go look up
Danny Sullivan’s article, and we can leave that as a link in
the description of the video. But essentially, to give you a
little more background, a little bit more color, the web
search quality team has a lot of different groups and a
lot of different offices. So people, including the
original blog search team, people who worked on real time
search, have been working on using these sorts of
things as a signal. So primarily, it has been used
a little bit more in the real time sort of search, where you
might see individual tweets, or other links showing up and
streaming up on the page. We’re studying how much sense
it makes to use it a little more widely within our
web search rankings. Now, there’s a few
things to remember. Number one is, if we can’t
crawl a page, if we can’t see a page, then we can’t really
assign page rank to it, and it doesn’t really count. So if we’re able to obtain the
data, then we can use it. But you know, if, for some
reason, a page is forbidden for us to crawl, or we’re not able
to obtain it somehow, then we wouldn’t be able to use
that within our rankings. This is something that is used
relatively lightly, for now, and we’ll see how much we use
it over time, depending on how useful it is, and how
robust it ends up being. The one thing I would caution
people about, is don’t necessarily say to
yourself, aha. Now I’m going to go out and
get reciprocal follows, and I’m going to get a ton of
followers, just like people used to get a ton of links. In the same way that page rank
depends on not just the number of links, but the quality of
those links, you have to think about, what are the
followers who mean quality? You know, who are the people
who actually are not just bots, you know, or some software
program, or things like that? So it is a signal that
we’re starting to use a little bit more. You’ll see it most within our
sort of real time search, as it’s streaming through. But we’re looking at it
more broadly within web search as well.


  1. Good thought…but like you compared with links, this might just open up another chapter of webspam. Infact Social Spam

  2. Big mistake, guys. Even though you made it abundantly clear that people shouldn't go out and try to get followers, etc. for the sheer sake of it, it's going to happen just because you mentioned that Facebook/Twitter links are now being used as a ranking factor. People will pay attention to that because it's what they want to hear, but they won't hear the part about not gathering followers for ranking purposes because it isn't what they want to hear.

  3. If you read my article that's linked to in the description, it covers the issue of Twitter and nofollowing links. Basically, Google gets a feed of tweets where links are nofollow-free.

  4. Matt – you mention at :36 that you "always have" used Facebook and Twitter in your web search rankings, yet you mention (at :48) that "in May 2010" you say you filmed a video where you "didn't use that as a signal" and "at the time, [you] didn't use that as a signal."

    Well, which is it?

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  6. Don't set up a Facebook page just because every one else has one, rather develop a basic strategy of how you will use Facebook and how it fits into your marketing strategy. If you still feel the compelling urge to create a Facebook page, then create a personal page and learn the basics.

  7. How do you do that? How do you share those videos link on twitter? It sais Via . google i tryed everything????????????????

  8. Look at the latest google searches for keywords such as :

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  9. Fking idiot, Quality and social is whats raking? WTF you say about that page in Page 1 that has no content for the keyword phrase "make money online"?

    Things are getting worse, and you are spearheading it doing a toilet……….

  10. I think social media has a very important rols for ranking search result. but I do not think Google is going directly focused on it in their SERP

  11. He used to work for the National Security Agency, and he's pushing a Zionist agenda by devaluing the Gentile work ethic. A more corporate web and a more social web is a more Jewish web.

  12. Quite an interesting video here. Doing my own research on social signals, and I see nothing but good coming from it.

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  14. "404. That’s an error.

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  15. Social-SEO is very important and should always be a part of any strategy. I am amazed by the amount of companies that don't want to be on social media. They always think you can "monitor' it. Of course we all know that can easily be done.

  16. Great video , now that Matt said it , I hope more and more will realize how important social media really is in the SEO process

  17. Do you jews always make thinks with no sense ? First you make a great search engine, then you turn it into evil money making machine. Then you destroy search results – buy adwords penlaties. There's nothing left – just ads. People use your poor search engine just because they're blind. Go back to israel google jews. You time will come.

  18. Great tips here. Contact me for Local to Bangkok Thailand Search marketing. Cheerios~ Great vid Matt, time for an update? 🙂

  19. Hi,
    Maybe Google is going or has gone too far adding social media to web site rankings?

    The small business is finding it increasingly more expensive and time time consuming to run a simple web site offering services and hoping to be found in the search engines.

    The days of a good domain with the right keywords and very often helpful content are long gone, now the private individual must bear (or sell) their soul to get a good ranking when offering local services.

    DMOZ was honest.

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    Nick Grey

  22. How do you handle black hat seo who creates a Google+ Page, link it your website and never confirm an owner ship of the page, then starts posting real bad feedback (like they they were real people) on the page to hurt your company reputation? How as legitimate owner of the domain name can remove this page?

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  24. I think The question should be smarter If he asks whether Traffic from exchange social network worths!

  25. @Citation Gurus bit of an older one from you, great clip 🙂 I do Facebook page management and did know this. Would you mind if I refer to this video in my Google Hangout I'm running on social media myth busting? or is there a more up to date one I haven't come across yet?

  26. This video might be a little old, but it’s still a good one from Google. The answers they gave here are still very informative and useful today. Thanks as always, Google!

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