[DIY] Create form submit code for ionic app without coding (PHP Native Generator)

First! We will set the data table in the Backend
configuration Then we edit the table that will be used as the
data recipient Next, we check the JSON Input according to the
required input and we choose the method that will be used! Then, we save the changes Next! let’s re-create the php file using the PHP
Native Generator We create test file Let’s check the generated code Next, you can try the REST API using curl or
other programs, or may skip this step! You may also use other methods such as
POST, this is more recommended! First, we create a page that will be targeted And the page will be linked to the popover menu
or the main menu And don’t forget to run the emulator Next, we will use the Form Builder add-ons Select the target page Then URL Action and Method, please adjust it
with Restful-API Next is the input field, adjust it also to the one in
RESTful-API Don’t forget to add a button

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