Data Scientist Salary | How to get a Data Scientist job

So I will always suggest people, the first
company when they’re looking for the data scientist job, They should look the domain
that he was working on their own domain and then you can pitch yourself as a candidate
that no one else has. Another thing, I always say that if you can
get a project in your company itself a smooth transition for you. Hi guys. My name is Neeraj Agrawal. I’m working as a senior data scientist at
Walmart. In my daily life, daily job, I work to build
some recommender system for Walmart e-commerce site So in today’s video, I’m going to talk about
What is data science? What is a data scientist? And then how to get a good job in a great
company? And finally I’m going to talk about What
is data science salary? How much a data scientist can earn? So, what is data science? In a layman term, something to learn from
data is data science. A guy who learns from data can learn from
data is a data scientist. What data science comprises of? I think that you need a mathematics background. You should be a good statistician. You should have a good knowledge of statistics. You should be good at machine learning. You can build good models that can learn from
the data and a guy who can do everything is a data scientist. In my definition, a palmist who looks at your
hand and tells your future by seeing the lines on your hand then he is also a data scientist. So, basically, someone who can learn from
any type of data that can be image data, text data or any pictorial data that is a data
scientist. So, in data science, a lot of companies hire
with different designations. Some people call it a data scientist, somebody
will call it a machine learning engineer, others call it a data analyst. More or less these designations are the same. There’s a slight difference in all the job
roles. Other than that, taking data science space
as a whole. We have deep learning experts, in deep learning
also we have experts in NLP(Natural Language Processing) and we have experts in computer
vision. So when we look for a data scientist, it depends
mostly on the job profile that they’re looking for. But as a bare minimum company always looks
that one should have good programming skills. It can be in python, it can be java or any
other language and you should be good at making algorithms. Companies also look for someone who has a
good mathematical background, you can understand papers. If somebody gave you a research paper to read
can you read those papers. So that’s the reason we need a person who
knows a little bit of probability and statistics. And finally, he should be knowing the basics
of machine learning algorithms. We don’t need experts in machine learning
algorithms just someone who can understand how these machine learning algorithms are
working. So, basically, a person who loves to think, who doesn’t want spoon-feeding then the data scientist is for him or her because there
you have to think, you have to have data and you have to figure it out your own way that
how can they get information out from the data using the algorithms or using the explanatory
analysis. so, this is all about data science. So, now we have an idea of data science, we
have an idea on what other job roles we have in data science. The question is how to apply for the data
scientists’ job? And most of the people who want to transition
from their own field to the data science field. If somebody is starting from scratch as a
fresher he can directly get in since the company can recruit him on-campus or off-campus. Now if you are transiting from one field to
another field the issue comes why a company would hire you. What you have additional to offer that others
don’t have. Then, you have to bring out your domain expertise
in your field and your data science knowledge. So when I started my career I was an electrical
engineer, I loved Electric Engineering and I started learning data science and I went
into a Data Scientist role, what I told various companies that since I am having expertise
in my field and I also have expertise of data science which I can apply together that others
can not do. So, I will always suggest people that the
first company when they’re looking for the data scientist job, one should look at the
domain that he/she is working on so that you can pitch yourself as a candidate that you
have the expertise that no one else has. Another thing, I always say that if you can
get a project in your company itself then it can help you in a smooth transition. For instance, if you are not getting a project
in your company then you have to build your programming skills very strong, you have to
work on some of the projects like Kaggle competition or maybe as a part of some courses and then
you can bring your potential on the table and companies will love you Finally, while
hiring for a data scientist we just look how quickly one can grasp thing whether he is
experienced or not because finally, data science is not about applying those models. It’s more about whether you have a valid experience. Can you understand; you see the data and you
can figure out that this data has this issue and that comes with experience when you do
a lot of projects. So, always try to complete as many projects
as you can and that will help you to get a good job in a data science company. Finally, let’s talk about the data scientists’
salaries. This is a hot topic for today and one thing
that I have observed, people are moving into this field because of salary. So, there are three categories of people,
the first one is who is starting from scratch. I mean they are fresher’s or having 0-5
years of experience or some who have like 5 years of experience in other fields and
then they want to move to the data science field. Some people who have great domain expertise
in their field like they have 10 years of experience and then they are thinking of doing
something in the data science space. It’s always good to enter into this field
as early as possible because definitely you will have to compete with the person who is
data scientist for 10 years and you have domain expertise of 10 years in your field then you
have a 2 years of experience in a data science field and to match that salary it will be
little tough but also data scientist salary depends on other factors like which companies
you are targeting like there are some big companies big names are there are some startups
and also some mid-range companies are there So based on company you are targeting your
salary will depends on that, so you cannot say that you have 5 years of experience so
I should get a certain amount of salary but as a whole if you are a fresher or someone
with 2-3 year of experience then you can expect in the range from 10-20 LPA or something like
that and if you are really a bright guy and you are really working on data structures
algorithms and all the things I am talking about you can expect little more and if you
have 5-10 year experience it means you are a gem, so you can expect in the range of 30-40
LPA and more than that and I am talking about 5-10 years experience in data science field
if you have experience in your field and then 2-3 years of experience in the data science
space then it won’t be 8 years experience in the data science space. You can expect something compared to someone
who is having 4-5 years of experience in data science. And if you have domain expertise in 10 years
then you have to build your profile differently and you have to bring something new to the
table and if you can do that, then definitely you can earn in a huge amount. So now we know about salary in general range
but it also depends on which location the company is hiring you for. I have seen Bangalore have a good opportunity,
a lot of companies, and startups are there so you can expect a good number because of
the competition also you get a good amount of salary better than Pune and Chennai. Mumbai also has a better salary, the only
issue is there are fewer companies. In Hyderabad, there is Microsoft and Google
so these companies give a good amount of salary but again Hyderabad has a fewer company. Gurgaon offers same as Bangalore so it just
depends on, I mean basically, salary also depends on other factors for example if you
are a fresher, 0-5 years of experience the company looks if you have a basic understanding
of things and you can work with the help of a mentor and you can do the project. If you have experience 5-10 years than company
looks that can you do the project on your own and also whatever the experience you have
can you give experience to other colleagues so they can learn from you and when you have
experience of 10 years than the companies assume that you have to lead the whole project
and guide your junior and help others in order to bring to that pace where you are. So, if you have all these characteristics
and your experience lies in this range then you can expect a good amount of salary. So, guys data science is just not about you
have to apply on projects, you can also apply in daily life on whatever you love and you
can tackle things and you can solve problems using data science. For example, when I was in a gym we usually
have issues with the trainer, either we don’t get a trainer or they are very costly trainers. So, we started wondering if we can create
a virtual trainer. A camera that can read my posture and based
on that posture it can tell me whether I am doing correct exercise or not which is a very
interesting project. Similarly like if you go to online sites and
browse, what the problem you are facing while doing online shopping is that we cannot try
the clothes on, so I also thought if I can use data science and solve that problem? So, don’t wait to get a project from a company
or some other courses, try to think and make it a hobby to use data science to solve any
problem. I am telling you that data science has solved
lots of problems and lot of interesting problem like you can color black and white images,
you can make the old image to new image so try to do those examples and when you will
see the wonders of the data science space, you will be interested and then you will see
companies will hire you by seeing your Git-hub profile which has all these projects. People give you advice to always study. If I go back and try to tell myself, I will
say don’t study much. So, what I want personally is that people
should enjoy more, you can learn as a part of enjoyment because when I was young I didn’t
play much, I didn’t play any games and sports and all of these things I wanted to do a lot. So, I am telling you if people are saying
study all the time don’t do that, play, enjoy and everything will get along and you
will be a great data scientist and a great person in life. Finally, I just want to give some advice,
since we interview a lot of people and what I find that people are just coming into data
science because they have heard so much about data science. If a person wants to get in the data science
field, he should be interested in it, he would want to explore the field, he should love
it. You should not move into data science because
of the salary or what you have heard around. When I started my career I never changed my
company or job just because of salary. It was mostly because of the project I wanted
to do and also I want to enjoy my work. So, what I have seen is during interviews
people come and they just try to fake things that I have done various things etc. It’s always good when you are appearing
for an interview for data science if you don’t know things you can directly tell because
we are not looking for a perfect person but looking for a person who can learn and who
has good interest in the data science field. So, my final advice is to go into data science
because you love data science, don’t enter in the data science space because you want
more salary.


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