Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Career Advice by Real-Life Data Scientists | Volume 7

Hey Everyone, Today we bring you the best
career and interview advice from real-life data scientists and AI/ML Experts. This video
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real-life data practitioners. So, here are some of my suggestions to all
aspiring learners is that you should understand the
The core of all the concepts rather than directly jumping to the advance topics because you
can apply advance topic or advance algorithm to a data set it will definitely give you
some good accuracies or good numbers but explaining those accuracies or your model, it will be
very tough to interpret the results. So if you have a good understanding of your basic
concepts, it will be very helpful for you to interpret the results of your models. My advice to all aspiring learners would be
to be curious, have a little Knack for math and have a learning mindset. How to technically
go about it is, I will divide it into four stages. First is learning about statistics
and algebra, the math part of it. Second would be to be able to implement what you have learnt
which categorises dealing with technology or tools you would want to learn about, say
GitHub, spark, online editors. Then followed by to be able to develop a hypothesis which
is to convert a problem statement into a machine learning algorithm. How to
translate on problem statement into machine learning algorithms, what to choose and what
to validate from there. Then the final stage is learning about different domains, different
sectors and how you can use that information, how you can leverage that machine learning
algorithms to be used into certain kind of problem statements based on the domain that
you are working with. My advice to aspiring learners would be to
get their basics right. We have discussed a lot of skills that are necessary to get
into data science jobs earlier in this video so you have to kind of improve your programming
skills, improve your mathematical skills. Apart from all that you should also keep yourself
updated on what is happening in the industry. The best way to do that would be to follow
a lot of twitter handles or posts or blogs wherein people discuss a lot about the research
happening in the industry. So these are some of the ways which you can keep learning. This
will enhance your data science skills, make it easier for you to transition into any data
science roles. So, here is very brief advice for anybody
who is aspiring to make a career in data science. Take the pain, take the patience
to get into the depth of anything that you are building. It’s okay to not have ten
projects on your portfolio when you are starting out just have one project but do it really
well go to the depth of the project so that any expert in the data science cannot confuse
you for that one project anybody should be able to ask you why why why five times in
the row and you still should have an answer to why you did that step of why you built
this why you make that choice why did you use that language why did you use this technique
and so on? So really this ability to ask why, why am I saying this result, this x y z are
the reasons why I am saying this result, what is the reason for x, why am I saying x; the
ability to ask that why at least three times in a row is very very crucial to becoming
a great data scientist.


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  2. I am from non technical background I have a degree in BA.I have no experience in coding and statistics can I become a data scientist.??

  3. Iam fresher 2019 passed out batch. Iam completed Data science course. How to place in any company's please suggest me .

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