Data Feed Analysis – valuable insights into product data feeds

Hi and welcome to WakeupData.
In this video we will introduce you to our data analyzer the tool that will help
you keep control of the data you are importing to the WakeupData system and
give you the flexibility to act on it. Here’s how it works:
from your import overview click data analyzer the first thing you can do is
choose any field you wish to inspect and press analyze. You will get a short
report regarding the total count of rows, the uniqueness level, any potential
duplicates or empty values, as well as the length of the values. Secondly, by
limiting search with a field you can identify the products that are missing
an attribute or simply filter the data and find information about a specific
field. Let’s take an example, say you wish to identify the IDs of the products
which product titles contain the word “desktop” here is how you identify those
IDs. You choose the fields unique ID limit it by the product title field and
ask for products that contain desktop. As you can see here there are two products
that contain desktop in their product title and you have their IDs right there.
Last but not least you can copy, download a CSV or Excel file with that specific
information and use it for further actions. From our experience, in this way
you can simply and effectively identify products that are missing product image
links EAN numbers prices or sale prices and any other information that is of
interest. We hope that you enjoy using it as we
believe it’s a great way to assess the quality of your data before changes are
made and for identifying potential errors without having to go through
hundreds of data rows manually. Please check our help videos with more
information about the possibilities within WakeupData.

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