Data Analysis for Management | LSE course trailer

I’d be surprised if more than about one percent
of data, which is collected worldwide, is ever fully actually analysed. Think about
all of that information lying out there which has not been mined, we’ve not been looking
for any insights. We’ve got the computers, they can do the number crunching but we
need people who can exercise common sense, business judgment, to interpret the
data in order to turn these into actionable decisions. In this course we introduce students to a
broad cross-section of quantitative techniques, from the data visualisation,
to aspects of probability, evidence-based testing forecasting, regression analyses
too. Data analysis with the use of statistics allows us to have a better
understanding of the world around us and ultimately allows us to make better
decisions. If you want to upskill, if you want to leverage the power of data, if
you want to make data-driven decisions, then please join us for this online Data
Analysis course from the London School of Economics
and Political Science.

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