CUT OUT Hair FAST and EASY Compositing Tips in Adobe Photoshop 2020

Hey what’s up you guys and welcome back
to Gal so on this video we’re jumping into Photoshop and I’m showing you how
easy it is to remove the background from your subjects and even around the wispy
hairs because that part can get kind of tricky so I’ll first show you how to do
that and then I’ll show you how easy it is to Photoshop glasses on your subject
like different pairs of glasses to fit whatever seam you need and to make it
look more realistic and the glasses I’ll be using are from Movement and more on
movement later without further ado let’s go ahead and jump on in so here is the
original photo inside a Photoshop you can see as we zoom in that the
background is kind of in this cottage cheese style and I want to remove it and
actually replace it with a brick background so to do that let’s go ahead
and fit to screen up here at the top and over in layers let’s go ahead and
duplicate the original just by dragging it down into this plus icon and this
will make a copy and we can rename this let’s call it background remove because
this is where we’re going to remove the background and we can turn off the
visibility of the original and then we’re gonna make another layer let’s
click the plus icon and let’s call this the color reveal because this is going
to be actually a solid color let’s choose this and solid color and let’s go
ahead and make this a red color and then let’s move it beneath the background
remove so then when we start to remove the background we’ll see the red and
it’ll make it easier to see if we’re missing any of the white that we’re
removing from the background so we’re going to start with the hair because
that’s the most difficult part and then we will remove part of the blouse and
the rest of the background so let’s go ahead and zoom in here on this hair and
what we’re going to use is what is called the background eraser tool so
just click and hold if you do not see that and select background eraser tool
and up here you can adjust the size of the brush I’m liking it at 254 and you
can adjust the hardness as well and from here you’re just going to make sure it’s
sampling once sampling this background once and you want to make sure the
limits are discontinuous the tolerance is going to change depending on the
photo so I will explain more about that once we get there for testing you also
want to protect the foreground layer which is the color of the hair now
there’s a lot of different colors here but around the edges is a little bit
lighter so after you check this so if it was unchecked be sure to check it and
then go down to the color picker and here you can just choose a color so you
can click until you hit the right color that you want so let’s say around this
color and hit OK so after you select the color go up to tolerance and we will
start with the lowest tolerance let’s start with around 10% and as we click
you want to click and hold and then move over the hair now here you can see
there’s a ton of white still it’s not removing it perfectly so the tolerance
is too low we need to increase that so let’s command Z (ctrl Z) and let’s try 25% let’s
see how that looks all right it’s looking a little bit
better but you can still see some white around the edges if we zoom in you can
see it’s too much white around the hair so what we need to do is command Z to
undo that or ctrl Z on a PC and let’s increase the tolerance even more let’s
try around 56% and then let’s zoom in and click and then here it’s looking a
lot better now it’s not going to be exactly perfect and that’s ok but it’s
looking a lot better so I’m just going to quickly go around remember be sure to
click and hold and if you accidentally click here and start it’s not going to
work you have to click on the background layer and then go okay so I’m going to
quickly go around and do this around her whole head and then we’ll move into the
blouse and down here we can zoom in and if you
control click you can reduce the size to be much smaller for precision we can go
in and just gently go around the color here like so and we can smooth this area
out with the regular eraser tool let’s go over to the eraser tool now and let’s
just smooth that out to make this a little bit smaller all right and now I’m
just going to zoom out and use the eraser tool to go around the blouse we
don’t need to use the background eraser tool in this case because the blouse
does not have such a jagged area as the hair it’s just a smooth area so I’m
going to ctrl click and I’m going to increase the size again that’s about
good and I’ll quickly just do an outline so now this whole area that’s red is
actually transparent if I turn off the red here you can see it’s just a
transparent background the grid means transparency and as we zoom in it looks
pretty good the shape of the hair looks like it’s still intact and all we need
to do now is delete the rest of the background well we’re not going to use
the eraser tool we could it’ll just take a little bit more time instead I’m going
to use the magic wand tool or hit W on your keyboard and you can just select
this area here and you can see how it put an outline selection around this
whole area and then hit delete and let’s do the same over here hit delete and
it’s gone and now we can turn back on the red layer to see if we’re missing
anything we can actually use the zoom tool to go inside here and see if we
need to make any adjustments you can see here some of
the cottage cheese texturing is still there I keep saying cottage cheese but
that’s what it looks like so let’s go ahead and just get rid of some of that
here so that way it’s not so obvious you won’t see it too much with our new brick
background and you will see in just a second what that looks like so let’s go
around the edges here just to smooth this out just to get rid of some of the
texture all right so now we have our transparent background it’s that simple
now we need to add in our brick layer so I’m gonna go into finder and I’m going
to take this red brick jpg and drop it into Photoshop and I’m going to actually
make this a little bit bigger so the bricks look bigger behind her that looks
about good and then I’ll hit the checkmark and then we need to drag this
layer beneath her and now you see the bricks are there now we want to add a
little bit of blur so that way it’s not quite in focus so that’s where we’re
gonna go up to filter and it’s like gausian blur and let’s put it at let’s
try 10 and see how that looks and that looks pretty good so you can see the
original if we turn these off we can turn on the original and I had the
cottage cheese background and let’s go ahead and turn that off and now we have
the new so now I want to add some glasses if you guys want to photoshop
glasses on I got these glasses from Movement MVMT they are the Rex ever scroll
blue light-emitting glasses which are pretty cool so they’re great they help
improve your eyes so you don’t get migraines from the screens now these
glasses I remove the background now I’m just gonna drag it because it’s
transparent and drop it on her face here and then of course you can’t see them
because we need to move it above her and now we need to make some adjustments so
it looks more natural so I’m going to zoom in on her face just by hitting
command plus (ctrl +) to zoom in and I’m gonna make them a little bit bigger and place
them like they’re resting on her nose I think that looks good
and now we need to change some of the coloration so the first thing I like to
do is add a drop shadow so go to effects and add a drop shadow and you can see it
just adds some nice natural drop shadow of course you want the opacity to maybe
be a little bit more subtle if it’s a hundred percent it’s too much but we can
just make it around eighty seventy four is fine and the angle is at thirty
degrees I think that looks good in the distance you can have fun with that one
but you can see I want it to be a little bit lower so around here is good and you
can see the before and the after and it just looks like there’s a natural
shadow happening from the glasses and next we can add an inner shadow and this
just helps make the coloring look a little bit more natural and then click
on the inner shadow and here we want to adjust the opacity to make it more
blended the natural colour you can play around with the distance and the angle
but I think that looks good so now we can turn off the effects and you can see
the before it just looks a little bit unnatural and the after which makes it
look more like it’s realistic so now I’m going to draw in some blue shapes in the
lenses to make it look like the glasses are the ever scroll technology which
emits blue light so to do that I’m actually going to go over to the pen
tool and make sure you’re in the shape method and change the fill to a blue
color you can also select on this to choose a different blue color and then
I’m going to zoom in and just draw I’m going to click and click and hold to
make a curved line and go around the edges until I close it off and then I’ll
close it off and then I’ll go on over here to the other lens and do the same
thing alright now we have the two shapes and then we need to change the blend
mode but first let’s go ahead and hold shift and select both of these shapes
and ctrl-click to merge the shapes as one and then from blend modes let’s
change it to soft light and then let’s change the fill to around 40% so now if
I click the selection tool up here I can show you the before in the after it’s
just a slight difference and you can of course adjust the fill to maybe be a
little bit lower 35% so now I can zoom out and it’s looking pretty natural so
you can see what it looked like before I added the effects it just looks kind of
fake by adding in the shapes inside and the effects around the edges it looks
more realistic and the exact glasses that I used here Movement MVMT actually sent me
and Movement sponsored this video they sent me three different glasses to try
out and all of them have the ever scroll blue light-emitting technology and what
this does is it helps prevent all the blue light from your screens your
iPhones anytime you’re looking at a screen it helps that light from going
into your eyes which has been proven to cause migraines and sleep issues there
are lots of different styles that you can browse on their website for
different frames and you can try them on and what better yet you can use my
technique I just showed you in Photoshop to see how those photos look good on you
and I’ve actually provided a transparent version of these glasses in my
description box below also there you can get 15% off movement glasses if you guys
are interested or or any of your family members want to try these glasses you
can use my code in the link in the description to get 15% off so I hope you
guys enjoyed this video if it helped you out be sure to give this video a thumbs
up and leave a comment below and let me know what type of video effects photo
effects or even audio effects that you guys have been itching to learn that’s
what I do here I try to help you guys out so just let me know what you guys
want to learn next below and just a reminder you can get 15% off MVMT Movement
glasses like I have here and thanks to MVMT Movement you can use my link and save
15% off on going so you can tell your dad about it you can tell your mom about
everybody uses screens now it’s super important to protect your
eyes in the digital age that we live in now all right that’s it for this video
see you guys next time Bye


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