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Welcome to Creative Matchup,
presented by Adobe, where we’re pitting agency against agency
in an all-out creative battle. Your challenge today is to create
an entire static social media campaign from scratch in under three hours using only images from Adobe Stock. Each team must use the client’s
existing branding and color palette to create a unique campaign
that will impress the judges and satisfy the client. Our competitors today are team OMFGCO and team Publicis. All right, teams.
Are you ready to meet the client? Yes! I’m Terry DeCarlo, and I’m the executive
director of The Center Orlando. We’re the hub of the Central Florida
LGBT community. But after the tragedy on June 12,
this place here became a different animal. We went from being a little hub
of the Central Florida community to being known worldwide. When the president of the United States
calls you ground zero for victim and family services… everybody in the world
wants to know who you are. We don’t say no. If somebody comes in
and they need a service, they need a referral,
we’ll find it for them. What we need is a rebranding campaign, so people know who we are,
what we’re about and where we’re going. Are you guys ready to get started? Let’s put three hours on the clock, and your time starts now. Our approach is “idea is king.” We’ll focus on that first. What if we find places all over Orlando that have the word “no” in it? And we go like that. -That’s great.
-I’ll start that now. Go, go, go. Quick. To put something together,
usually three hours is okay. But to concept and do everything
in three hours is a bit crazy. We always like to start a project
by getting really clear on what our boundaries are
and our perimeters. So we started with a creative brief. To make this read as something
that puts a smile on someone’s face makes it more digestible. So you’d say something almost ridiculous,
like “I love love.” The I Love Love idea comes from
just the idea of what they provide, which is care, and care and love
are pretty synonymous, I think. This is a very important and big message, so we wanted to put a message out that
would be easy for anyone to get behind. And who doesn’t love love? -I don’t know, man. I think…
-It could be something, yeah. -We got something there.
-Yeah. Let’s do this. While everyone’s getting to work,
let’s meet the creatives behind team one. -I’m Jeremy Pelley.
-I’m Jade Sturms. I’m Thomas C. Bradley. We’re team OMFGCO. We’re a full-service creative agency
based in Portland, Oregon. We build brands for visionaries. The long form of our name is
the Official Manufacturing Company, and we just abbreviate all of it. We’re also known as
Oh, My F– God Company. My approach to this challenge
is going to be fairly straightforward. Maybe a little sideways. A little bit up and down,
from around the side. Sometimes we can flip it and reverse it. Now let’s meet the creatives
behind team two. -My name is Slade Gill.
-I’m Tiffany Chan. -My name is Doug Zaner.
-We’re team Publicis. We have a huge repertoire
of brands that we work on. To be honest, we don’t really know
that much about OMFGCO. What does it stand for? Isn’t that Internet slang? They look like a bunch of cool kids. Classic Portland. So in terms of looks, we’re already down, but we’re gonna fight back with our
intellect and our conceptual ability. All right. Let me interrupt you here.
What are you working on? We just used Adobe Stock
to pull a bunch of images. We basically did,
like, a larger image dump. We’re at the point
where we’re starting to narrow down, starting to figure out which images
are best for the campaign. We don’t use a lot of stock photography, so Adobe Stock
was an odd concept at first, coming into it. Having the ability
to search for something easily, sort it easily
and find exactly what you’re looking for and sharing it immediately with my team was like a dream. When one of us licensed one of the photos, we were all able to access
a watermark-free version of it. So I was very impressed
with the use of Adobe Stock. This was my first time using Abode Stock.
I found it really easy to use. Allowed us to be creative very quickly. A creative’s dream’s always
to shoot from scratch, and there are so many times
when you rely on stock. When that happens, the thing you rely
on the most is the quality of stock, which is what came through on Adobe Stock. To make it that seamless
and easy to find the right images, that was pretty cool. All right, teams. Let’s meet your judges. Terry DeCarlo, executive director
of The Center Orlando. Sandria Tran, senior product
marketing manager for Adobe Stock. And Nick Sambrato,
founder of Mama’s Sauce print shop. I think it’s really interesting to see
how the two teams are handling it. They’ve never used Adobe Stock before. It seems to be going really well.
They’re on a time crunch. They’re getting a lot done
in just this short amount of time. At this point, I’m feeling pretty good,
considering we still have two more hours. There’s still a lot to do, but I don’t
think we’re off to a bad start. There’s a lot of question marks
in our mind of how we’re going to
put this all together. All right, stop the clock! Everybody,
I need your hands off the computers. I need you right here, front and center,
at the judges’ table right now. In order to make this challenge
as real as possible, we’re gonna throw a major revision
into both of your projects. So let’s give the old
last-minute-revision wheel a spin and see what pops up. Join us next time
for more Creative Matchup.


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