Create Linux Mint Bootable DVD on Windows

This video will demonstrate how to create a bootable DVD for Linux Mint on Windows Open a web browser and navigate to Linux Mint Official Website Go to Download page on Linux Mint website Choose 34-bit or 64-bit Architecture as per your System. Mostly its 64-bit nowadays in modern computers Choose download mirror nearest to your geographical location Save Linux Mint ISO file on your computer Wait for the download to complete Close the Browser when Download is Complete Go to Download Location where ISO file is saved and insert a blank or re-writable DVD in the DVD Writer Burn the Image to a DVD Disk using Windows Disk Image Burner built in software The Default DVD Writer would be selected, otherwise choose from DropDown Check the box to Verify the Disk after burning to ensure the Disk is error free Click on “Burn” to start Burning the DVD Ensure that there is no important data in the Disk before burning as it will be lost, once ensured click on “Yes” A Re-Writable Disk will be erased first for re-use, wait for erasing in case of existing data on Disk Wait till the Image is Burned to Disk Wait till the DVD Disk is finalized for use Wait till the Disc is being Verified The message “The disc image has been successfully burned to disc” will be displayed on successful burning of DVD, if some error message is displayed, repeat the process If successfully burned, click on “Close” button and the disk will eject automatically The created Linux Mint bootable DVD can be used to install Linux Mint on any computer. Thanks for Watching. Hope you find it useful. If yes, then don’t Forget to Like, Comment and Share the Video. Subscribe the channel to receive latest Updates.

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