Crear TÍTULOS CINEMÁTICOS en Adobe Premiere CC 2020

In this video we will learn to create
initial credit titles. titles very simple but that give it a look
cinematic to our productions the secret is usually in the type
of lyrics that we choose and in animation of the title getting this way
to appear and disappear from the screen we can also add
blur and movement depending on type of effects we want to achieve
examples of some credit titles initials very similar to the ones we are going
to create in this tutorial would be these I advise you to use an application
for free smartphone that is very good and used to find out
typefaces i for example use it a lot when for example in a movie
or on a poster I see a title that I like this application is called what the
font and you can find it both for android as for ios, in this video you
I show how to use this application how create initial credit titles with
motion and blur how to create templates from these titles
to be able to use them in any other project and how can you export those
templates to send it for example to another editor of course I will leave you in the
description box of this video a link so you can download
the template that is completely free let’s create in the tutorial are you
prepared We begin the tutorial with this shot
aerial of the sea and the clouds already inserted in our timeline and we will
create an animated title just like the that appear at the beginning of
movies to create a text the first thing is to select the text tool this
tool you have it from the cc version 2017 if you use a version
previous you must use the old panel of titration press the text button and
by clicking anywhere in the program panel will appear the box of
red text notice that in the effect controls panel appears
already an effect called text that if we deploy we will get all the control
to create the title however to me I personally like to use the panel
essential graphics if you don’t have it visible as me in this case is so
simple as going to the window menu and activate it by clicking on graphics
essentials appears as you can see the panel on the right if we click on the
edit section will appear all text controls that we have
selected in the timeline the first thing we are going to choose is the
default source premiere already us awards one in my arial case but in
this dropdown we have a great amount of sources to our
provision of course all sources that we are installing in
our team will appear here too In the intro I told you that there is a
very simple way to find sources that we like thanks to the application
what the font, in this example I will use the same letter that was used in the movie
the justice league i will perform a capture of the letter with the
application select in the application the part that contains the text that
I want you to search me in your database click on advance and I have the
results the source I’m looking for is called specifically future sc medium in google
I write the future name sc medium and of all the results
I will select for example the one of this page called you can
choose of course any of them here the source appears
We confirm that we are not a robot and click on download once the
we have downloaded we open the file and install it in the
team if we open then the drop-down of sources in premiere
we will find the source in the list that we have installed the easiest is
look for it in the search engine we write future and as you can see we already
all options appear in our medium future case in the section
I am going to leave it white so for now I will not modify
nothing else we will write the text and for this we click inside the box
red text and we write for example production and production antonio
squire to modify the size of the letter in the text options we have
a section called align and transform we will modify its scale
until you have the desired size with the vertical center and center buttons
horizontal I will place it right in the center of the image here already enters
let’s say the style you want to give the title doesn’t have to be in the
exact center I placed it like this in this example to explain the use of
center text buttons to exit writing mode we press either the
selection tool we use the keyboard shortcut v in the
movie that we are taking from reference the justice league the
letters appear more separate so I will separate them by increasing the value of
spaces between characters that we have in the text options i’m going to give you a
value more or less than 450 in this way the letters of the
frame so I’m going to scale it from new and place it in place using
centering buttons again by last to highlight more of the background you
I’m going to put a shadow let’s go to the section look and we activate shadow i’m going to
change the color to a gray a little more dark for example this one and press
accept and the opacity I will leave 80% leaving all other parameters
more or less as they come by default already I have how you can see my title created
if we reproduce it the title appears lasts 5 seconds and disappears is
important to know that every time we create a title this lasts 5 seconds
default because we have it that way configured for all titles that
are created in the program if we wanted set default another time is
as simple as going to preferences of the program
if you use more we go to the premiere pro menu Timeline preference and in
default still image duration we modify said value if by
otherwise you use windows let’s go to the preferences editing menu
timelines and duration still image default you
we change the value and press accept to modify the time you see a
title in our video is so easy how to decrease or increase its size with
the selection tool if we do smaller
it will last less time and if we do it longer big will last longer if we want a
exact duration for example six seconds press with the right button
of the mouse in the text file in the timeline and press on speed
duration we give you the duration value that
we want in my case 6 seconds and to finish click on accept let’s
do next that the text appear and disappear let’s give it two
seconds to appear and two seconds to disappear we select in the
timeline the text and in the panel effect controls we take the
playhead right at principle at this point we want the
text is totally hidden so we take the opacity control to 0
creating a keyframe at that point we advance then 2 seconds in
time a very simple way is adding two seconds to the position of
head on your counter once what we have located adjust the opacity
at that point one hundred percent creating the new keyframe we take the
playhead at the end of text and at this point we want the
text disappear therefore we we take the opacity to zero creating
your keyframe corresponding to principle remember that we gave you two
seconds to transition appear on text so now you also
we will give two seconds for what appear in this case to place the
playhead in place Exactly we subtract 2 seconds to the
current position and at that point the opacity will have to be 100% already
we have the 4 code created so that the transition be smoother we select
the 4 keyframes and pressing the button right mouse we choose to perform
an automatic curve this will make everything the movement of appearing and disappearing
of the lyrics are very soft and progressive if we reproduce it we see
as our title appears and disappears in the plane this would be a basic title that
we could use perfectly in our productions but you can
add more movement options and out of focus to the editor’s taste in this
tutorial I will teach you how to apply a zoom and out of focus we go first with
the blur in the effect panel let’s look for blur and we choose blur
cause we no longer select it and we drag to our title
we select the title in the line of time and in the controls panel of
effects the effect will appear Gaussian blur with a value of 0
we will then adjust it to our title we take the head
playback at the beginning coinciding with the first keyframe of
opacity that we created before we click on the animation stopwatch of the
blur property and we give it a value of 25% then we go to
next keyframe that we create in the opacity is as easy as clicking on go
to the next keyframe and now we have the reproduction head
placed just after two seconds at this point we modify the value of
blur to zero creating as you can see a new keyframe, we move forward
to the next opacity keyframe and we create a keyframe in blur with value
zero as we already have that value just we have to click on the button
add keyframe finally we we carry the head at the end and we give
a blur value of 25 being created also its corresponding keyframe,
we select as before all the keyframes and we also apply
an automatic curve leaving the result in this way well let’s finally apply a
zoom to the text we take the head to principle and this time we activate the
stopwatch of the scale creating a keyframe 100% we take the head to
final and we give a value for example of 120 percent creating their
corresponding keyframe if what we reproduce we will see that the text has
a zoom that looks pretty cinematic once we have created it we can
using for another title is as easy as duplicate it either by copying and pasting or
using the alt key in windows option in mac and dragging it in this way as
you can see an exact copy is made of the title we had before changing the
title would be as easy as changing the text
and center it and all other effects will be applied if we have created a text that we know that
we will use in other projects we can make a template this process is
very easy imagine that this title that we have
created we want to save it as a template for use in other projects
we select it and with the right button click on export as
animated graphics template we are open the export window of
template we give it a name for example credit editalo pro at destination
we choose if we want it to be saved in the local template folder of the program
next to all the templates it brings by default we can also choose in
a local unit outside the program such as on a hard drive
external to keep it out of program or to send it to another editor
or we can also add it to a library that is a folder that has
the program dedicated to our own productions in this example I’m going to
choose to save it in my library I will select to include the thumbnail
of the video and finally click on to accept
in this way in the graphics panel essential in the section examine whether
we select libraries we will have our title ready to be used in
any project as easy as grab it and drag it to the line
of time if we select it and we will effect controls you can activate or
disable the effects we have created for example we can use this time
this title but without blur so easy as deactivate and ready if
we reproduce it will without adding blur to title as you can see it is very good practice
create templates with various effects and after being able to activate or deactivate the
that we are interested in how to export a template is very simple
select the title click with the right mouse button and we choose
export as graphics template animated we give a name credits
initials edit it pro and this time we choose local unit we select the
location for example document we select to include the thumbnail
of the video and click on accept if we go to our document folder we will have
this template with .mogrt format that you can save it to a hard disk or
as in my case send it to many friends to use it as you already
I commented in the intro in the description of the video I will leave you the link so that
you can download them once you have it to install it is very simple so
easy as going to the graphics panel essential and in the browse tab
press the install template button animated graphics below
on the right with a box and a plus symbol we choose the file
we will open and you have it ready for be used to find it so easy
how to write your name in the search engine Finally I will explain something to me
it has cost a lot to get and that can also happen to you to eliminate
any folder graphic local template is as simple as
select it and with the right button of the mouse press delete however the
titles you create in the library if you fix doesn’t give you the option to delete no
you can not imagine the turns that I have given the program to get
delete these files apparently at I have discovered that you are
libraries are managed in a panel different therefore it is as easy as
go to window and click on library it open a panel where you can see
You already have the option to remove them well I hope as always that this video
on how to create credit titles with cinematic aspects have been of
help if so, don’t forget to leave a like and as always I tell you me
I would love to read your greetings or your comments on the video subscribe to
channel if you like its content and Share it on your social networks to
that more people can join this great community and be part of this
wonderful adventure a hug and we see you in the next video


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