Comparing Data Governance to HR & Finance

I think sometimes people still struggle
to understand what data governance is. When talking about data governance, I
like to first make a reference to HR and Finance, because these are two
departments or functions that everyone is familiar with. In broad terms, Finance
is in charge of handling financial assets. Ensuring salaries are paid,
purchases go through… It handles the financial aspects of the your product
sales, and so on. HR handles employees as another important asset. Hiring,
on-boarding ,off-boarding, probationary reviews, ensuring job posts are
classified accordingly, etc. So, Finane and HR handle the processes, procedures, and
internal policies of these assets (for the most part). Now, data is considered
another asset and this is where data governance comes in. It provides all data
management practices with the necessary foundation, strategy, and structure needed
to ensure that data is managed as an asset and treated as such. What is your
take on data governance? What analogy or example do you use to explain it? In
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