How beautiful the message of this
introduction “Let nothing stop you” continues always forward, learning things
new climbing higher and higher and performing
new effects such as that of this introduction i’m going to explain
How it is done step by step. this resource it can be useful to start a
story, start this way our vacation or even for the
beginning of a music video replacing in this way the typical
fade to black It can also be of a lot of help when in a video we want
introduce a more cinematic part making the animated ones appear
typical black bars and finally such and as you have seen in the example of
principle we can also do that end our video this way
giving way to the final credits once you learn to do it you have
many variants, as many as those can you imagine how to add
blur while the scene opens you can also add titles
pause the opening a while to give a little more prominence to
Title leave the bars throughout the
movie to give it that look cinematic and of course change you
the color and give a different look to the that we are used to in the cinema in
this video I will explain how perform this type of introduction
animating the horizontal bars that they give that cinematic look to
our productions are you ready? We begin this tutorial with the material
that we are going to edit imported already in the project panel I have three video clips
and an audio file with the band I have also created the sequence
with the name of the video title that let’s create the first thing we’re going to
do is take the first video to the timeline, we select it and what
we drag on this video let’s create the introduction using the bands
black to create these bands let’s use a matte color that is nothing else
that a video of a certain color to create the matte color we have several
one of them is to go to the menu file- new-matte color if we click with
the right mouse button on any place where there is no file in the
project panel we open a series of options let’s go to new color element
mate and we can also create it by pressing directly on the new item button
located at the bottom right of the panel selecting from all options
-Matte color – the window of setup with video settings
which by default are already configured same as the sequence with which
working therefore we don’t modify nothing and click on accept
then we can select the color we want our to have
matte video how are we going to use it for create the black bands well
we select black right at the peak top left but if we want that
the bands have another color would be so easy how to select it using this
color bar and define the exact tone moving with the mouse in the box
color for this example as I have already said i’m going to use black so what
I select again taking the cursor to the upper left of the
color box press accept and to have a more orderly edition
I always advise that you give it the name of the color you have chosen and press
to accept we are created the matt color in the project panel and then what
we dragging it to the line of just time on a track higher than the
track that contains the main video giving it to start the same size
let’s start configuring it and to we will use the crop effect
let’s go to the effect panel and the way more easy to find
effect is always using your search engine we write “trim” and as you can see now
it appears we select the effect crop and drag it to the layer
matte color in the timeline will open us how can you see the panel
effect controls with the effect trim ready to be configured
let’s create the horizontal band bottom and for this we will trim
our matte color on the part of up moving this slider until it reaches
right in the middle is say up to the value of 50% we already have the horizontal band
lower now let’s cheer her up we check that
the playhead is at the beginning of the clip you can
check well in the timeline or in the same panel effect controls
once assured that it is right at principle we create a keyframe in
property is to trim up so easy how to activate the stopwatch
animation and keyframe or keyframe will have been created if then
I don’t want the bars to open hit whole but stay longer or
less a half time therefore let’s give it a time of about 2
to open up to 70% all these times of course the
you can modify it to your liking depending on how fast or slow it
Do you want your bands to open? I’m going to explain a very simple trick to
move the playhead increasing a certain time if
we select the counter of the line of time and we write for example + 2 and
press enter the head will move two forward frames yes
we select the counter and write minus 2 and press enter the head is
will move two frames back now well if we press for example + 2 followed
of a point and press enter the head will move 2 seconds forward and if
we write for example + 2 followed by 2 points will move 2 minutes and so
successively as in this example we want to move forward 2 seconds we leave it
already with the playback head two advanced seconds we will modify
the cutout value above taking it to 70% creating as you can
see the corresponding frame animation if we play the bar
it will move from 50% of the crop to the 70 remaining fixed at that point because
we are not done with the animation let’s take the head to the
position of the last keyframe that we have created for this we click on the
button go to previous keyframe well already located,
we will continue to cheer from this moment we are going to leave the bar
still a second in this position by so let’s increase a second in
time the way I explained to you previously we go to the counter of the
timeline and we write this time plus 1, followed by a period and press
enter as we want the bar not to move what we do is create a
keyframe with the same value in our 70% example as we already have
that value click on the button add keyframe and we already have it
created from this point we will make the bar follow its movement of
opening that we will adjust in this example in two seconds we go to
timeline counter we write more 2 and a point so that
add in seconds and press enter East
It is the end of the movement of the bars and that is where we can choose two
situations one leave the bar visible to 90% until the end of the video to
give it that cinematic look or hide it completely in which case
it will have to be given a value of 100% in I’m going to leave this example at 90% because
I want it to remain throughout the video if we play it you’ll see the
final result of the animation it’s perfect but it can be improved
much more including the movement a smooth curve we select all
the encrypt that we have created click with the right mouse button and
we select smooth entries if we reproduce again you will notice that the
movement is much smoother we already have the bottom bar created to
then we will create the bar superior but don’t worry because no
you’re going to have to start from the principle, let’s copy the clip from
matte black color of the timeline for this we will use a shortcut of
keyboard select the clip and with the keyboard alt key pressed what
we drag to a top track creating an exact copy as they are
the same are on top of each other what let’s do next is flip
the top layer vertically for it let’s go to the effects panel we deactivate the
previous search by pressing on the X and we write flipped and as you can see now
we have both types of flipped the horizontal and vertical we select
the vertical and drag it by applying it to the matte color layer that is in the
top and as you can see now we have both bars if
we reproduce you will see the effect of movement of both bars the next thing I’m going to do is a
blur effect to the main video to focus more attention on
movement of the bars and later to the title that also
we will add select the video main and we take the head of
playback at the beginning of the clip come on to the effect panel we remove the previous one
search by pressing on the X of the search engine and we write from that approach of
all the results we get we select gaussian blur
and drag it to the video clip in the timeline below what
we adjust in the controls panel of effects with the head at the beginning of
clip we activate the stopwatch of blur effect animation and you
we give an approximate value of 30 per one hundred creating how can you see your
corresponding keyframe below we will always have as reference the
bar movement therefore we select any of the bars
in the timeline to see the Keyframes that you have created let’s
take us the playhead fair
to the last one of the animation of the bar corresponding to the point
exactly where the animation ends for go
and the easiest is to move forward to Next keyframe until you arrive
to the last once we have the head located at the exact moment
where the bar animation ends we select again the click of the
track V1 and that will be the exact position where the effect of
blur therefore we adjust your value at 0 creating your Keyframe
corresponding, if we reproduce it you will see how we have already animated the
blur along with the bars the next thing we will do is include a
title here because the Taste of each editor to create the text
we select the text tool in the tool panel we take the
cursor to the monitor of the program panel and we click inside it we write the
title for example “let nothing stop you” and once written click on the
selection tool to exit text mode we place the text that has been
created in the timeline at beginning of the main video already
then we will design it by changing the font the size and everything
we need for the text to look at our taste
We can do all this by selecting the text layer in the timeline and
displaying the text effect in the panel effect controls
another way and the one I like the most is using the essential graphics panel
if we do not have as in this case the panel of active essential graphics is so
easy as going to the window menu and select essential graphics
we select the text we want modify and for example I will change
the fountain to monserrat the style of the source to regulate and I will give a
175 character space I’m going to resize to 80 percent and
I will center them vertically and horizontally I already have my text
title created as I will no longer use of moment the essential graphics panel
click on the options button and We close the panel to the text we will give
also a blur at the beginning to just as we did with the video we
we take the reproduction head to beginning of the clip we select the
Gaussian blur effect and what we drag to the text clip we
we ensure that the head is at principle we press on the stopwatch of
blur animation and we get along its value at 30 percent we go
make the text focus completely at the first opening of
the bars to adjust it correctly select the clip of one of the
bars and we take the head to second keyframe that corresponds to the
just moment when the bars make the first opening in this
point the text must already be completely focused on what
we select the text layer and in that point we take the value of
0% blur the time that lasts still bars half open text
will remain focused so if we select again the layer of the
bar and we take the head to next keyframe until just that moment
the text should be focused on what if we go back to the text layer in this
point we will create a new keygframe with the zero blur value as we already have
that value we add a 0% keyframe with its corresponding button from that
moment and until the animation ends from the bar let’s make the text
defocusing again we do the same than before
we look for the end point of the animation of the bars
we select the text layer the we enlarge so you have the same
size than the other layers and in this point we create the new blur keyframe
worth 30% at this point you must finish our title in the line of
time so we cut it up get to the place where the
playhead so that disappear gradually let’s
add a transition let’s go to the panel effect and we delete the previous search
and in video transitions in the folder to dissolve you will find the transition
cross dissolution we select it and we took it to the end of the clip of
text if we reproduce it you can see how the text disappears as it
blur so that the text appears behind
the bars must be placed in a track below her therefore we go
to upload the clips of the bars and the text one clue above and once
we have hollowed the text clip below the bar clips what
we put in place this way if we reproduce it now
we will have the effect completely created now we only have to finish the
editing by adding more video clips and the soundtrack, so that the bars
appear throughout the video you have to enlarge the clips of the layers so that
last the same time as our video final in this way they will be present in everything
the video to finish we will make the
bars close again we get along the playback head right on the
moment we want the animation for example here we select
the top bar and we create a keyframe frame in the trim trim with the value of
90% we select the bottom bar and
we also create their respective keyframe at 90% we will give it a duration of 2
seconds we go to the counter of the timeline and we write + 2 followed
of a point and press enter we select the top bar and we
we take the courage to trim up to fifty%
we select the bar clip bottom and create your respective keyframe
at 50% cut if we reproduce we will see the final result finally to the editor’s taste you can
add more titles at the beginning titles of credits at the end in my case I’ve
added titles at the beginning and titles in the end this result is well I hope as always that this video
on how to make an introduction using the bar method you have
been helpful if it hasn’t been that way forget to leave a like and as always you
I say I would love to read your greeting or your comment about the video
subscribe to the channel if you like your content and share it on your networks
social so that more people know this great community and can join
this beautiful adventure a hug and we see you in the next video




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