China is infiltrating US data in ‘dangerous and astonishing ways’: Rep Banks


  1. Who made China so strong! I went to China in 1983 they were farmers, fishermen and peasants! They rode bicycles! What idiots made them stronger then us. Ie. Apple, GM, Ford etc. they profited and the shareholders got stinking rich. Let them pay for the next war.

  2. HOLY MOLY! 147 million American citizens personal info? !!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad that DOJ made SOME arrests. But the question remains ..did the Chinese get some inside help?

  3. Thank Heaven for President Trump. And thank Heaven for Q team and the Patriots. WE are being Defended .. FINALLY .. by our REAL President. The deep state is screaming. But .. the Dems sold US all out. Ole Lou was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof.
    We can take it. We have a right to know what's been going on. Esp. with our personal info. That's OUR 4th Amendment rights being breached! AND also especially with which Governor's sold their soul to China. Like .. Virginia maybe? trying to take our 2nd Amendment away? Was that bought by Chinese sweet money? Cuz the People aren't asking for the loss of that. We the People WANT our 2nd Amendment Rights! WE are entitled to it. Whether we use it or not.

  4. It's very sad that some people think stealing from others is the way to get by. It would be nice if we could work together, instead of not being able to trust them.🇨🇳🇺🇸❤️👍😀

  5. The Chinese are also after our PERSONAL MEDICAL DATA. it is DANGEROUS to do any business with China. Trump is being naive with the Chinese. We need to cut China off completely, do zero biz with them. Other SE Asian countries can pick up the slack and would be happy for the business and they won't be doing this schiff to us

  6. I can’t even imagine how much damage the Chinese are doing in the UK because they operate untethered and are buying up London (well at least what the Saudi’s haven’t bought). Wish we had a Trump, God bless all patriots and may he protect us all. Blessings from London UK 👍

  7. China Makes Russia look like good guy's, about time swamp issues come out to the public, the more I hear the more I'm thankful for having a president with old ideals of doing things, hit it face on

  8. geographically, China is a disadvantage. America, strategically is isolated with mass bodies of water and airspace between us and any industrialized nation…. It's not just that. We have many advantages

  9. The only enemy that surpasses China is the democrat party and China poses the greatest existential threat our country has ever faced. Crush them, subvert them, divide them up.

  10. The United States needs to start a US Cyber Training Educational program that would enlist young people dedicated to the growth and development of US security, Super Hacks code name IRONEAGLE.

  11. They look and act so innocent but they rely on your ignorance to allow their evil vile corruption, blackmail is rampant, well it is all coming out now so swallow the pill or face your destiny evil, cause your time is up! I would take the pill cause your evil effects your kids and it will come out and they will pay also, not like I thought you have a soul to actually care about your kids but just a thought. Truth wins always fools, and yes justice effect your kids when the truth comes out finally, if your last name is Clinton, Biden, Comey, Obama, Brennen, clapper, Bush, rice, all involved and exposed will go down in history as traitors to their own country, treason is the least of the charges when you consider child trafficking for the blackmail of high gov officials you are talking about greed and evil, at the highest level and global,. Sick and evil needs to stop now.arrest the nest of evil starting with we all know Hillary then George the Barry for starters!

  12. isn´t it stunning that they again blame Obama for a 2017 breach (remember who became potus in 2017 ? ) … that guy that wanted to do a cybersecurity together with Russia :))))))))


  14. If this was done intentionally by the Chinese military/government, it was an act of war. Such behavior should be remembered by people forming opinions on issues including trade and military spending.

  15. Why America allowed that happen? Why money and Intelligence is not focused on China? Our priorities aren’t focused where the actions against Americans is happening. China is not used with transparent relations with any country in the world.

  16. This is a new slogan 🤣🤣🤣
    No matter how big the lie, say it several times until the people believe is true.
    And the US is very good in transform lies in true…🤣🤣🤣

  17. I was a victim of that its called ransomware shut the Commie Chines of from anything get them out of our country have our widgets made in South America.

  18. We need China to pay for their criminal activities by substantially increasing tariffs across the board on ALL imported goods.

  19. This is just 1 area of infiltration. They are behind everything the dems have been and will do . They are integrated into our entire economy. Our financial markets are now dictated to by China . Watch the Mike Pompeo video . If you haven’t?

  20. The CIA and state department helped put the communist in power in China. The career politicians are running scared because they have been bought and paid for by Israel and the chicoms. That's why they are fighting Trump like an animal in a leg trap.

  21. What it means is that the Chinese intelligence can. Put people use this ID to bypass our security. Putting intelligence agents with our personal information and fake driver's license. Into the US in significant places all the data that has been compromise have to be put in a special file. That means match the people with the ID.

  22. China is evil is infiltrating u.s data in dangerous and astoning ways and our president wants a trade fill we the people told him not to trust China they steal our I'd our social security numbers birth certificates that's why we the people hate to put any of it on Facebook they hack all of the United States don't make no trade with them all they do is cause us trouble trump don't trust them get them out of our trades all they do is put their dam nose where it shouldn't be I know until I see you stop trading with them and Mexico you will not get my vote you are putting your own country in danger.

  23. Sacrificial lambs, will they actually get in trouble? Or are we pinning it on China to justify increasing aggression with them? At this point whoever wanted the data already got what they wanted right?

  24. Notice that there are no names, no identifying information on these hackers. They are just four Chinese military officers. Very bad reporting.

  25. The U.S. needs to stop trading with China 100%. We do not need them, never did. All U.S. companies need to return to America now and bring their companies home. CHINA IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. STEALING EVERYTHING THEY CAN GET THEIR HANDS ON. WHAT A SHAME.
    They need to be stopped, and stopped now.

  26. I want to see the list of all 50 states governor's and what rating they got from their seemingly friendly , harmless meeting with chineese officials !! They were rated according to Mike Pompeo as either friendly , Hardline or ambiguous !! The American voter has not only a want to see that information but, a need to see it !!!

  27. They have been doing it for years. Are government does not really care are they would have stopped them long ago. It's all about the money kick backs. Nothing is going to happen. Watch and see.

  28. Gee we so busy with impeachment chinese came in the front door. Oh and continue to let female chinese nationals have babies here in the USA and you'll have future spys with a US passport.

  29. Trump has to be warned, the ChiComs cannot ever be trusted at ALL. ! They are trained to lie without flinching from birth

  30. Yes why only now we know ?? Chinese been hacking us during Obamas Adm terms what you think with 5G coming in ?? Chinese are expert in this 5G

  31. it seems to be historical, mainland china citizens are often paper tigers and no longer unite to confront the CCP

  32. Why bother getting someone on to ask ? and not giving them time to get a full understanding of what is going on. Other wise it is just a waste of time.

  33. i can't figure out why usa companies want to trade with china in the first place.we don't need china for anything.there is nothing that china can do that americans cannot do

  34. Blue that is utterly stupid to suppose that there is a conflict within the administration in dealing with the Chinese Who we have had over a barrel for a quite a while and trump has been very successful To negotiate by use of tariffs And then u suggest cutting off talks What will that accomplish? This is a very public lever Trumpets smart enough to use though apparently you are not

  35. from now on we need to refer to the Democratic the party as new Democratic communist social party and void of God and holy Spirit

  36. I remember when Obama was always encouraging people to check their credit report on line. Did he know something we Americans didn't?

  37. Equifax didn't help its ability to protect so much vital PII data in its servers, being as a server administrator literally had his user ID & password for his privileged account as "Admin, Admin". Also, Equifax didn't have any more than a single person doing server administration duties, so the leadership was very much at fault, as that should NEVER have happened, & if they had done regular security testing, that would have been found & fixed. Too many people within Equifax were being extremely lazy in everything information/cyber-security-related at Equifax.

  38. Censorship in America poses an equal threat to democracy just like CCP. The elites will take down America in a decade or two. Worst, most media is controlled by greedy corporations and elites delivering content which they intended to deliver. So-called "Fake News" has become a defense mechanism by media to use it as their tool to over-whelm the truth and fabricate it to have their agenda delivered. Google, Twitter, and FB must be under scrutiny for censorship otherwise it will be too late to save America since most of the younger generation will be irreversibly brainwashed.

  39. The communist party of China doesn’t even represent Chinese people and their values. The centralist companies of China are just an Arm of CCP

  40. This funky headline then next a headline that praises China and 5G, how it's going to help AMERICAN military and people.
    PICK A HEADLINE you Hippocrates

  41. well more proof , time to start dealing and trading with countries with human rights, freedoms, and rule of law. to encourage those things in the world. past decades were a sell out of America, it must end, and that can start with personnel purchases. choose the products from those who respect and do not lie to you?????

  42. Congress, the DEEP STATE is so obsessed with their agenda and getting rid of Donald Trump, they have NO TIME for American citizens, or the well being of this country. The saddest part of this is there are still Americans that support the Deep State and their agenda. Socialism!

  43. G I wonder who showed them how……Data is ignorant your SS no one should have on file…I blame our system and hold you guys accountable.

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