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hi I’m Chris O’Gwynn with and this morning I’m going to show you about your SoClean 2 – I’ve already
plugged the power into the machine here’s where the power connects here’s
where the ozone is pumped out of the of the so clean – machine and it’s really
neat how they they designed this to make it all work when you get a brand new so
clean – one of the first things that you’re going to want to do is go ahead
and get it plugged in and then you’ll notice let’s see if I can get this a
little closer so you can see there are several buttons on here you’re going to
want to set the time so you just print this button here helps you to set the
current time whatever your time actually is right now you just simply press the
clock button and then the plus or the minus until you get this time set at
your actual current time so we’re just going to leave it right here at let’s
say it’s in the seven o’clock range all right so it’s let’s say it’s 7:00 7:30
to here so after you have your current time set you’re going to want to tell
the soclean – machine a couple of things one how
many minutes do you want this machine to run now it’s defaulted at 7 minutes
because seven minutes is typically enough time for the soclean 2 machine to
generate that ozone and and do its job you do have the option to increase or
decrease that it goes up to 12 but I would recommend just leave it at seven
unless you have some other reason to change that the next thing you want to
do is set the time that you want the soclean to to begin its work
again I tell most of my customers 10 a.m. is a good time but if you’re on
night shift or there may be some other time so you simply just punch it in
use your plus and minus to set the time that you want the soclean to machine to
start now a moment ago we set this at 7 minutes and I believe it said at 10:00
a.m. so let me explain what’s gonna happen at 10 a.m. this machine as long
as you have your CPAP hose going into this slot
with the lid shut at 10 a.m. the machine is going to begin to run it’s going to
run for seven minutes during that seven minutes you’ll see a red light and after
the seven minutes it’s going to actually stop creating the ozone but you will
begin to see a yellow light and you’ll see the yellow light for up to two hours
so what that means is that the machine generates the ozone for seven minutes
but you need to keep the lid shut for the full two hour period after that
amount of time that yellow light turns green and when you see the green light
then obviously you’re good to go you can open your so clean with a clean CPAP
mask tube and reservoir so now let’s look at here this button here actually
opens up the lid inside here you have a couple of components that are important
one is this filter it actually changes the ozone back into regular oxygen as
it’s leaving the machine so it’s important to keep this filter in place
and change it out on a regular basis all right and then secondly you’ve got
this little deal here and the purpose for it is it allows you to put your CPAP
tube into the left or or the right side and so whichever side you’re not using
this adapter has to go in place so that this little button will be depressed
it’s either depressed by the book by the adapter or it’s depressed by the hose
when the hose goes in so that’s important to have in place all you have
to do is now just wake up in the morning take your interface off open the lid
drop your interface in there whichever one it may be get it in there all the
way to where the big tube is and now shut your lid and you’re you’re done
that’s it that’s all the cleaning that’s necessary I mean seriously you just you
just put the put the mask into the into the soclean there and it actually comes
on by itself at whatever time you have selected it does its little thing and
it’s a wonderful machine so if you’re interested in hearing more just give us
a call or you know write an email a comment here would be wonderful so I
hope you have a wonderful day thanks


  1. I have just ordered the SoClean 2. I was wondering do I need the chamber lid to use this? I have the Phillips Respironics System One Heated Humidifier.

  2. Two questions. Do you know if the SoClean 2 product is usually covered by Medicare? Also, I use a BiPap (I would think this is applicable for a BiPap unit), so my other question is since the daily?? cleaning process takes two hours for completion, what if you need to use the ventilator during the two hour process. Can you interrupt the operation of the SoClean 2 if needed?

  3. You have the best price from what I have found so far. at

    I understand that it takes 7 mins, what is the 2 hrs as asked below here?

  4. I’ve had my SoClean for almost two years now. I love it. I had acquired a little cough before getting my SoClean, the cough is gone now. Love love love it❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Hi I have a reservoir 10 bipap machine with full face mask will this machine provide the performance required if not what's the name of machine that I would need ? Thank you for the information much appreciated. BTW how often do you replace filter and what's the cost of them ?

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