AWESOME CLONE JITTER EFFECT | Adobe After Effects (Snavs Fabian Mazur – Lonley Street)

Yo, what is going on guys, today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to create this awesome clone jitter effect So this is actually the music video that inspired me to make this effect a lot of you guys were actually pointing me to this Video a while ago, I’m trying to make me break down this video, and I was looking at it So let me just play this effect, so you guys can see what I’m talking about So as you can see it’s kind of like this like little jitter thing it’s like really good with movement So let’s actually just go in and see what this looks like slow motion So that we can actually break this down And then you guys can have a better idea for what you’re gonna be learning how to do so if I just go frame by Frame you can see whenever do they’re doing this what they’re doing is They’re literally just masking out the person then moving it over a little bit. Just going frame by frame so one frame It’ll pop out go back in and then it’ll kind of just move around a little bit. Just like that I’m also gonna show you guys a few effects You can add onto this to make this your own creative little thing so anyways what we’re gonna do is We’re actually going to make the cut right here. I’ve already organized the footage so I’m gonna click here I’m gonna click ctrl K to actually make that cut and then I’m gonna hold down shift shift on my keyboard and I’m gonna click the right arrow key twice So ten frames is the best duration to doing this I actually went and counted In that video how many frames it took for them to do that so it took ten frames for each little jitter effect And every time you click shift and right arrow key, that’s moving over five frames so anyways this is what we have this is the clip if you guys are working just in after-effects you can just cut out ten frames and Then only add effects onto that little snippet, but if you guys are doing dynamic links like I do Which I recommend because premiere and after-effects both have their own pros we’re gonna Do it this way. So right click on your clip, bring it into After Effects And now as you can see it’s an After Effects right now So like I said if you guys are just working in After Effects if you only want to go over ten frames using page up And page down you can use you can go frame by frame Just like this. So what you can really do is click ctrl shift D Make a cut go over ten frames, and then cut out that one snippet, but anyways what we’re gonna Do I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this quick cuz I’m gonna use some of the tips for my how to mask fast video if you guys want to go watch that just in itself I’m gonna link it down below It’s a very very useful video, so what we’re gonna Do is we’re actually going to double click on our footage right here, and we’re going to do that again until this says “layer” So we’re going to do it one more time so now we’re working in a layer Which is what we want. And we’re actually gonna come over here to the very top and we’re going to click on the rotobrush tool It’s like this little person next to a paintbrush we’re gonna click on that and then we’re just gonna draw a little outline around the person just Like this and you’ll see this computer is gonna. Do all the work for us, and as you can see it’s not perfect So we’re gonna do is hold down alt and actually cut out the parts that it’s and Actually cut out the background so just take it like this and just run it along the shoulder Like that. And you’re going to see the computer is going to generate this looking good so now we’re gonna use the green one just to add his head in and Then we’re gonna make one little cut like that And that’s looking good So that’s actually a nice Rough little sketch and since this and since this effect is happening so fast this doesn’t have to be a perfect mask so the key To this is actually being able to do this fast because I know editing takes so long especially masking But now once you have this just click page down and you’re gonna be able to move your frames down And you’re gonna be able to see wherever the masked mess is up, and you can actually make little adjustments, so it’s okay here Let’s see let’s keep going down the line so for example if this does start messing up as you go along depending on the motion He’s not moving that much so the crop is actually staying pretty the same But if you guys do need to fix the crop just come in here say for example this messes up like this just hold down Alt cut it out, and then you just make tiny little adjustments as you go long. It’s actually very very simple to do It’s definitely the fastest way to mask and it’s definitely one of the best ways to mask Okay, so once you’ve made all of your adjustments what we’re gonna do is We’re actually going to hold down ctrl alt and use the mouse wheel just to scroll in and make this a little bit bigger this Gray bar right here, and now what we’re gonna Do is we’re gonna take the back of this gray bar and just pull it to this beginning point right here This is where we started doing all that changing and all our effects We’re gonna take the end of it, and we’re gonna make it to where we are right now Just right here So this is so this is gonna be the duration of how long we actually mask it out and now all we to do is Click freeze right here and also if you guys don’t see the freeze button If you guys don’t see the freeze button it might be covered like it might be covered up like this Just make sure you pull your panels until you can actually see that okay, so just click freeze And then it’s gonna start setting freezing since this is only ten frames. It should go pretty quick Okay, okay So now there’s just one thing we need to do before we can actually make that jitter effect what we have to do is just click on our clip click ctrl-c ctrl-v That’s gonna make a duplication and then what we’re gonna. Do is just click on effects Um if this is hit and just click on effects and then rotobrush and refine edge. Just delete that on the bottom Clip only so now what we have is if I hide this bottom clip we have a rotobrush clip which is on top and then If I bring that back we have just the normal clip on the bottom So now we can add effects just to this duplication and we can move this over and it still have the background the same So what we’re gonna do so we’re going to bring open our Rotobrush clip and you can actually hide this just to figure out where this starts so right here the rotobrush starts so what we’re gonna do is We’re going to click this little drop down arrow click the drop down here for transform And then for position we’re gonna click this little keyframe animation, and then what we’re gonna Do is we’re just going to Move one keyframe over and we’re going to actually just click this cursor and just move it over a little bit And you’re gonna see that it kind of creates this like clone effect then we’re gonna move one frame page down And we’re just gonna move that back in Then we’re gonna go page down and now we’re just going to move it over Here page down, and you can just repeat you can move them wherever you really want just gonna create this cool effect Just move it in and then move it back And then what you could even do if you wanted to is you could actually Duplicate this clip which I’ll show you in a second, and you could actually have three you could actually have like this car jitter stuff So once it does that let’s say, you know you reach the end So just go back And this is what it looks like so it’s cool little jittering And then like I said if you did want to duplicate this you can just click on this clip you could click ctrl-c ctrl-v You could open up the transform, and you could delete all these keyframes And then you could go in and you could actually just move this Re re keyframe this move it over, and then just move it somewhere else and you have three duplications It does this cool little jitter it looks pretty dope there’s actually one more thing I’m gonna show you guys you can add on to this it’s actually an echo effect So I’m just gonna show you the right settings for this, so it doesn’t look weird So just come over here to effect some preset in after-effects and look up “echo” and then go down right here time echo Just drag that over your clip right here, and as you can see it’s super light so what we need to do is come down here to the decay and Make the decay 0.35 so that’s actually gonna blend a little bit better and Then I’m just gonna click file save And that should look good So let’s go back into premiere and just see it should be like this cool little like Ghost effect instead of just like straight like choppiness So it’s a cool little clone jitter effect I think it goes really really well with videos that have like high energy high motion stuff like that It’s something you guys can get really creative with it’s something that I like because it happens only within a few frames And if you use that fast masking thing you can actually do this effects very quick, but anyways guys hope you enjoyed this video leave a like comment and subscribe if you’d like to see more cuz I’m making a mixture of Informational and entertaining content so definitely go down click that subscribe button join the community, but anyways guys Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys later


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