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  1. Plotagon, can you add 5 clothes from Plotagon Studio in the Character Creator to the Plotagon Story Character Creator? Such as, 2 pilot shirts with a badge one with 2 lines and the other with 4 lines above the sleeves, 2 plane pilot suits with a badge each, one with 2 lines on the long sleeves and other with 4 lines above the long sleeves, and a dress next to the shirt with a video game controller the character has on both hands, please?
    Watch the video,
    “PLOTAGON STUDIO | Create an animated character with Plotagon Studio” and go to 1 minute and 40 seconds in the video.

  2. i'm getting enrolled in a new school, so i'd think it'd be great to recommend Plotagon Education. #HowToHelpPlotagon

  3. I hope more scenes like a club, church, & bank & pregnant women and baby & children characters can be made soon within the two years and especially more characters in one scene at least 4 please! ❤❤🤞🤞

  4. Can we get new features and interact and scenes and voices and language's and clothes and characters and the other voice back again. Plus new added characters features when making a new character on the scene and sound effects and much more new updates as it's starting to look the same and be boring as well.

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