1. That's awesome, I really like how you can make more fun stuff with the cloth simulation with the new blender versions.

  2. Hey not to be a bummer, but the video cuts out at the end suddenly, you mentioned having an Instagram and then your vid suddenly stops mid sentence.

  3. I don't care if the YOUTUBE ads are not controlled by the actual channels, but if I have to see another #@$#F communist Bernie Sanders Ad I am going to puke….
    oh… cool gross creature!

  4. … got eaten by Ted at the end. "No he won't eat me, that stupid old Slithergadee …. he ate all the others but … oh NO, et tu, Ted!?!?!"

  5. Consider adding PayPal. I think your YouTube tuts are great, and would contribute to your cause… just not via the one ( won’t mention name ) system you list.✌🏻

  6. A nasty swamp monster is coming to get you! Excellent! Now just add some eyes and a UFO in the background… humans your time is up!

  7. Yeeeeeeeees!!! There it is…. The pinky wiggly. I shall name it Pinky wiggly and it shall be my Pinky wiggly. The pinky wiggly shall grow up to be a pinky wiggly. Hmhmhmhmhmhuhuhuhuhahahahahaha! I shall rule the world!

  8. How do people come up with this stuff. I don't mean the fact it's some gross creature thing, I just mean how you figured out how to use cloth simulation and what not to make said gross creature thing.

  9. Please, please, please do go on to make an animated sea urchin / anemone – I am near to completing an underwater scene and have not yet found a solution myself to create a realistic animated anemone swaying in the ocean currents. I shall be trying to make what I need using your method but would like to see how you, the "master" would approach it.

  10. Ted, the meat muppet, he is now my friend. Loving the new cloth simulation tools, thank you for a fun introduction to them. I was surprised to see you did not have to worry about making a closed volume object for this to work, makes life easier. Will have to play around and see what kind of mess I can create.

    Will keep an eye out for that Schrödinger's sea urchin tutorial, or not.

  11. Nice one Your responsiveness to your subscriber comments in taking action is appreciable Thanks for sharing the material node

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