Animate cell division cycle step by step using Powerpoint

So in the next section I will show you
how to animate the step by step process so this is extremely useful for our
science field for example you find these a figure and you want to animate it the
step by step but this is the solid figure and how to do it you would choose
the shapes and what you want is you want to cover, cover all the area of the part
you want to appear first, so go to format I will increase the transparency to see
the back I will choose the solid fill same with the background color which is
white and what I can do is right click and edit points so I can modify this
rectangle become the custom shape that cover all the part that I want to appear
first. So the idea here is I want to cover it and then make it disappear so
when it disappear the part in the background will appear because the white
part that covered the that figure part will get removed so go to the selection pane and
I will rename this part. You can always choose selection pane rename these to be
a prophase and I will right click and drag to copy this to make it quick and
rename this white part so you can see that I keep the outline so I
don’t want all the outline to cover each other so I will make sure that every one
every section is separated so I moved this point up and down you
can always add or delete a point so to see how to use these edit points you can go
back to the previous lecture I show you guys. So after all now is the product you
can see that you can show step by step process one by one so you can talk
about that in more detail and also it feels like you own the presentation even
though this is the presentation/image you took from the internet

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