Adobe Spark: Pages (Glideshow)

Hi there welcome back to the adobe spark page today, we’re going to go to the main page We’ll click the plus button at the top center. We’re going to pick page this time. We’re going to deal with a different type of page than we dealt with in the previous session. We’ll start off Exactly the same as they would a glide show, title, subtitle and photo so we’ll add our title which I’ve pasted in here, a Subtitle which I’ve also pasted in here. We’ll go to the plus remember, the first plus only gives us that opening photo to work with So I’ll go to the familiar upload photo button Let’s try this one this time. We’ll move down. We’ll add the CSU logo real quickly So I’ll go to photo,. upload photo and we’ll work with this one and now on this plus button. we go to glide show and Here is where our workflow deviates from how we did the adobe page previously. Rather than that our photos one at a time We’re gonna add all our photos at once now. You can switch around the order of these photos. You can delete them You can add more But the way to start is to throw a bunch of photos up there and then start to work with them None of the decisions you make at this point or add any point actually are set in stone, so we’re going to Click upload photo, and we’re going to choose all our photos at once. I’ll go 1 2 3 4 5. we’ll choose 6 photos here, we might delete some of these later on and Here they are loaded up. now to Delete or move around the order of a photo you click on it what that allows you to do is replace it to move it Up or down in your order or to delete it. We’ll stick with these six for now and continue now something That’s a little counter intuitive at this point if you go to click edit glideshow to continue. It’s not a link. It’s not Working at all, you’ve got to save these six photos first, and you’ll end up with full page view of these photos We can scroll back up to see the stuff. We’ve already put on and Then as I scroll down into this first picture We get our first caption box now remember our previous caption box in the previous Flavor of working with the page, all we had was add caption here And all we had was the capability of adding text. with this plus however we can add photos Text buttons and video, so let’s add a few of those elements now We’ll start with the text button. I’ll click it and I’ll control V in the information I want to be there. Let’s click within these and we’ll make them H ones So that they are quite large and Then below this we’ll use the plus button We’ll use photo and what I’m going to use here is a screenshot from a Google map of where that is So there is our first Panel tells us when and where and gives us a map We’ll keep going to our next image. We’ll drag this over to the right as We did in the last time we use an adobe spark page this time. I’m going to add in some more text I’ll click inside the box click the plus We’ll work with text again, and I have this pre-loaded on my clipboard This is two sentences long. Let’s divide up those two sentences so that It doesn’t give the end user a big block of text to attempt to go through that’s all we’ll do with this picture. We’ll go to our next one. We’ll drag this panel to the center and We’ll add content. We’ll click the plus We’ll start with text I’ll paste it in and then I will click it We’ll Center it and then just below this we’ll put in a video So we’ll use the URL Of the video we want to work with here’s that URL So we’ll paste it in and save our video appears and Then on our last picture here Click the plus I’ll go to text. I’ll paste in our Call to action here I’ll click within my text again, and I’ll Center it and let’s go with h2 on this to make it stand out a little more We’ll scroll down Don’t really need this picture, so we’ll need to go to edit our slideshow to get rid of it I’m going to click here in the picture And I have edit photos focal point and delete focal point is if you want to focus on a different part of the picture as it Scrolls down it doesn’t so much work left or right because it’s a Full-screen picture, but you can move the focal point up or down fairly easily. You do not, do not, do not want to hit delete as delete deletes the entire Glide show I’ll click it and It says, this cannot be undone, so we’ll click cancel to let you know that is a scary Button to touch. And then we’ll click Edit photos, which is what we wanted to do in the first place And we simply want to delete This last one We’ll save it again And that gives us this bottom blank space since this is now our last picture and Here, we’ll put in a button with El Paso County extension There’s our text our URL comes next will Center the button click Save Let’s add a “brought to you by” just above it brought to you by and We will capitalize brought and then we’ll finish off with a let’s enter this Will finish off with a logo so we’ll click photo I’ll go to the familiar upload photo button and let’s work with Let’s work with this one this time We can go fill screen if you want which makes it too big we can go full width which makes it a little smaller But logos generally work best as online and with all that done Though we have some pretty good a pretty good idea of how this works as it scrolls Let’s click preview and look at the entire thing Here’s our opening screen with our title and subtitle Our logo our first picture with our panel on the Left With the map and the directions on how to get there our second picture a couple of sentences of text, our third picture, which has a bit of text and a video and Finally the call to action, and we end up with our glide show over and we have a button and the CSU logo. so that is how to work with an adobe spark page glide show version I’m gonna get rid of the preview and as before I can share this on Adobe spark. I need to pick a category I Can keep my name on or off this, and I can have an on or off the Adobe spark page, we’ll keep it off because this is not a real event will click create link and Then we have a link or will eventually have a link that we can work with to share this slideshow There’s the link we can share it directly on Facebook Twitter email or get some embed code, or we can simply spread this link around via Emails, web sites, other types of social media. one final note when you’re done with your page Whether it’s a glide show or a standard page. You can go up here to the upper right hand corner choose themes and Choose the different themes. Themes affect the fonts mostly. There are a few background colors involved that are Unchanged as well, and it will also change some of the Animation behaviors. I’ll go to Luca which also seems to fit this show nicely so you can see how This affects your text and your background colors.

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