Adobe Spark Page: creare e condividere pagine Web

Good morning everyone in this short video tutorial we are going to try one of the three Adobe Spark apps from the Spark Page. On the main page we can find some examples made by other users and also how to create an Adobe Spark Page by scrolling down. Then you need to create your page, log in, you can do it through Facebook, Google or your e-mail. I am going to use Google. Here’s the page where I can create what I want. I can create posts, pages or videos, I am going to create a page. Here’s the preview of the page I am going to create. I am going to click on Photo, I can upload photos from my computer or find photos online. Like that for example. I am going to pick an image that I like, it is loading, now I am going to add a title and a subtitle, the title is “rose”, the subtitle is “test”. I can click on here to drag the image because it is really large, and now I save the image. On the upper right you can find various themes you can apply to the page, here are some examples. This one or this one. I am going to pick this one and now if I scroll down I find the + button, I can click on Photo to add more photos, let’s add one, we can write a text on this photo “orange rose”, we can add a text on the main photo in case it is a research or something like that. Then the Edit Button allows you to to add a link to a page. Then you can add a video by copying the link of the video you like and saving it. Then you can add a collage, for example these ones, when they are done loading I save them. Here they are I can add another title “collage photo” and finally I can add a glideshow which is a series of images let’s pick these ones, these are going to be my images, and I save them. If I want to edit the photo because it is too large and you can’t see it very well with this dot I pick the section of the image that I want to show and save it. Now if I go on Other images you can see them scrolling down here’s the collage with the photos we picked. Before saving the image I can watch a preview too see if I like what I created and if I like it I can save it. Here we go let’s save it, the title is “rose”, pick a category, “photography”, I can decide whether I want the author to be public or not, I choose not to. And create a public link. This can bee seen by everyone that comes on the Adobe Spark Page. I can copy the link, share it on Facebook, Twitter, via e-mail or get the embed code. To see my shared link I can go on My Projects, here it is, I can see the page I created, here I can rename it, duplicate it, unpublish it or delete it. This was Adobe Spark Page.


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