Adobe Photoshop para fotógrafos – Domestika Basics Oriol Segon

Hi, I’m Oriol Segon, photographer
and photo retoucher. In 2008 I started my career in the photography
and photo editing world, taking on diverse personal, documentary, and commission projects. I use Photoshop as a tool to optimize and make the most of all my projects, giving them a more professional,
attractive and personal finish. Photoshop is a graphic design program offering a complete set of tools to aid photographers,
both amateur and professional, in the rendering of digital images
and post-production projects. Photoshop also has
a built-in processing software, Adobe Camera RAW,
that will make your work easier thanks to its intelligent tools that will help you optimize
your workflow and your time. This Photoshop Basics course
for photographers consists of 5 courses, in which you’ll gain
a thorough knowledge of the tool set, with the aim
of optimizing your photographs. In the first course
we’ll start with the basics, to set up and navigate the interface. We’ll then learn
the fundamentals of Photoshop, that is, the layer system. Then you’ll learn
to apply basic transformations to the content
of your images and layers, making the most of the transformations
to suit your content. In the second course, you’ll learn
to selectively apply adjustments in Adobe Photoshop. You’ll learn the use of each adjustment, and how to generate actions
easily and intuitively. You’ll learn to use masks and, finally,
to process your raw images through the Adobe Camera Raw
processing engine. In the third course, you’ll post-produce
an outdoor session, you’ll learn to give your images an evocative, professional
and consistent look, and apply different types of processing to fit the story that you want to tell. In the fourth course, you’ll learn
to touch up a portrait professionally, to give nuance to skin,
and volume to your images, you’ll delve into color control
and modify shapes and contours, and, finally,
you’ll learn to finish up your images through focus and texturizing. In the last course,
you’ll make a photo composite, embedding a computer-generated car into an outdoor background.
You’ll learn to use the background and embed the image elements. For this course, you don’t need
any previous knowledge of Photoshop, since we’ll start with the basics. You’ll need a computer
with Photoshop version CC, and some photographs,
that I will provide. This course is aimed at photographers who want to make the fullest use
of their images and optimize their portfolios,
as well as anybody who wants to enter the world of possibilities
offered by Photoshop. You’ll learn to use Photoshop easily, and give your photos
an attractive and professional look. With Photoshop, you’ll transform
your photos into something awesome. Adobe Photoshop for Photographers Learn to edit with Photoshop from scratch
and make the most of your photographs

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