Adobe Illustrator – Envelope Distort – Class 26 – Urdu / Hindi

Assalamualaikum, Welcome to GFX Mentor. I am your Teacher IMRAN ALI DINA AND this is our class number 26 and we will learn today ? today we will learn very interesting thing Envelope Distort and and what to say about this, let see and see what we will learn today directly so so first of all i take a new file here and where is your envelope distort , this i want to show you if you go to object menu see here is your Envelope Distort and here some options are disabled now yes they are disabled because we didn’t take any artwork here mostly it is used for texts only but let me tell you what is the use of this let’s Say i am writing a word here Distort and i am making this little larger , Right and let’s do this that and I am doing all caps here and i had said about this all caps etc , if you didn’t watched them then you watch them , i had given the link of that video in upward screen of this video’s screen so please watch that text’s class , it is very important so from that video, you will learn how to use text and all caps will also on From here if you open your options from here and if hide options are there then it will come below and show options are there then it will in below now i am changing the fonts , let say i am taking a heavy font which name is ‘Impact’ now you have object menu here so select your text and go to object menu and then go to Envelope Distort here you will get three main options Make with wrap Make with Mesh Make with Top object all of them are similar but their way of using styles are different so first of all come and let’s see make with Wrap so what we can do with make with wrap when i will click here you will get a panel wrap options and see your text is also became distort little bit it is now converted into arc Shape here are some different style options (default options) so many times these options are enough and sometimes we use different methods so let me tell you some things about it how you can use them, i mean about these options see here horizontal and vertical is given here so if i do vertical then it will distort vertically, right if you do horizontal then it will be more better this is bend and how much bend you want to do so if i do minus then it will bend in opposite direction one more thing it is little bit different on comparison with type on a path tool In type on a path tool, your text don’t deform means text shape don’t change sometimes we need this and we can also use it there is no big issue here make sure your preview is on if your preview is not on then it will not visible that what types of changes are coming and next you have distortion horizontal and vertical see if i am going horizontally in the minus direction then see horizontally from these place it’s height is decreasing from here then it’s height is decreasing from here and if i will go here it will show similar effects from this side it looks little bit 3 Dimension-ally effects and if you check this vertical it will do like this ok it’s upto you that you want to use it or not now i am not using this i am doing both values zero let say i choose arc ok let select this that is Arc upper and i am typing one more text Text i increased it’s size equal to first text and i also applied Envelope Distort i am doing Make with Wrap here i am selecting low Arc here this is a good facility for you if you want to make your text’s shape into your own suitable shape then you can do this very easily now there are some options which i think it is very important for example here i had written T E X T that is text i want to write something else instead of this, for example Distort Class i want to write i will simply select this and we will go to object and we will go to envelope distort and here you have option edit contents here when you click here aap k pass see i am moving my mouse on it so you can see your text normally so now if i take my type tool and i will select this and i will type for example i had to type C L A S S see this class see this you text is now changed but shape is still remained same right shape is not changed but your text is changed now ok make it align if you want to change its size i mean if you want to make it’s size small or big then you can do it and second thing is if you want to release it for example you don’t want this and I want to write it normally straight then go to object menu and envelope distort and then release and when you will release this then a mess object will come in front of you which was your shape and your normal text will come in front of you again i hope you did not find it so difficult to understand it was very easy and so what are more options in this ? let say i am removing this and i am also releasing this ok let it remain both of them here ok i am selecting this and releasing this i am now removing this and again i have now my normal text here next option is here is make with Mesh what make with mesh do ? this will give you your object after applying mesh in it i had taught you about Mesh in details and i had given 3 classes over this topic if you didn’t learned about 1st class’s Mesh then i had given the link of it in the upward of this video’s screen please watch it and when you click on make with mesh , it will ask you how many rows and columns you want to apply on your mesh, let say i am taking very simple , i mean 2 rows and 2 columns, ok on your preview so it will be visible to you that how many mesh it is applying in your object ok if you will increase your rows and columns , for example here i am increasing it’s columns here do increase it very much and i am giving 4 value i am putting this here for sometimes see when you applied mesh here, Now you have 1,2,3,4 lines you can say i mean 1,2,3,4 columns are made here, see here areas are 4 and it’s benefit is if you move it from any point then your text will also move along with your point and the best part is that you can change your shape very easily as well as you can use all the things which you used in Mesh tool for example if i selected this 3 points from here and from scale tool i am decreasing this then it will be like this if i will hold this points and i will make them large then it will become like this, see this Amazing , you can distort your text very easily, you can do it as you want you can make it’s hodgepodge also but please don’t make so much hodgepodge this is not for that purpose i mean it aim is not to make your text worst yes what we can do it by using this , i will definitely give you a tutorial of this that will be our first tutorial where you can do a interesting typography by using this tool next definitely please don’t forget it yes i will do that tutorial and same thing which we did today will be applied on this envelope distort i mean make with mesh effect also if you want to release this then come here and then go to envelope distort and then release , see a mesh object will come in front of you so select this and now you can remove it also and now if i will do undo one more thing i want to tell you that you can also edit your text in this wrap with mesh effect also so go to your object menu and then envelope distort and then go to edit content and see this i type GFXMENTOR here here everything is same but only contents are changed. right ok we understand till here and now we will see third option again i am also removing my object from here ok this is the same text that we had changed next the option which have is Make with top object Make with top object is also very interesting this here we can do that you can make your own shape for example i made this shape and condition is that your object will be on top potion i mean your shape will be on position according to arrangement i am changing it’s color and here color doesn’t matter matter only shape’s position matter here , make sure your object is in the top position according to arrangement if you will do this then it will not work, your shape must be on top position top object which means whatever objects you had selected all will converted into the shape of the top object of your artboard let say i selected both of them and then i will go to object menu and then Envelope distort and then i will click on make with top object see your text converted in to the shape which i made it automatically changed into the shape of the top object so i hope you all understand till here this things we did doesn’t matter will applicable only on text you can do this on objects also for example let say i made this boxes here and i puting this boxes here and see you have i mean go to your object menu and then envelope distort and then do make with warp then these all things will only apply here , it is not necessary that you have to apply this only in text right see the way i did this with my text in the same way i did with my shapes also and if will go to path menu and then envelope distort and then edit content now see you have selection of same boxes and you can edit this from here also and alignment see if i will change it’s shape for example like this if i will do this see it comes from here and i selected this and i did like this this is so interesting i don’t know what i did but it is looking fine you had seen that i am applying this on my text as well as we are applying this in our graphics also this is not necessary that you have do apply this envelope distort into vector objects but you can also apply this on raster images but remember one thing that the results of raster image is not so good but i have to show you how it works because it is important that how to apply this because it is important that how to apply this ok so i am going on my favorite website let say i am downloading any image from here don’t worry i am not making anything now i just want you to see that we can also apply this methods on raster image also now i downloaded this and i went to my folder and then i did drag and drop here and i did drag here and see this is one of the beautiful landscape i am also embedding this and i am also making it’s size smaller so i taken my image here and i embed it here and i also decreased it’s size and now i want to apply Envelope distort here but remember two things here no.1 – this is raster image no.2 this is very large size image right and definitely illustrator will become little slow when we apply envelope distort and see i am going to path menu and then envelope distort and make with Wrap and see this here it had taken some Time it is normal ok alright now this is your image which is now distort and actually i did zoom out here, alright i am doing ok here now see this now my system became little bit heavy now anyways i hope you all understand till here i believe you will definitely play and make some different things with this and you will me your work related to this so that’s it for today’s class this is enough i hope you all liked this class and if you really liked it then please subscribe it and if you didn’t subscribed yet then please subscribe it and i hope i will see your work related to this in my Group that is GFX Mentor community THANK YOU


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