Adobe Analytics Analysis Workspace Video Course 2019

Hi, my name is Andrey Osadchuk. I am a multi-solution architect, consultant,
practitioner and instructor for Adobe Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, DTM and Launch.
I started working with Adobe Analytics about 10 years ago when it was Omniture SiteCatalyst.
Since then, I implemented it on more than a hundred websites, prepared countless reports
and dashboards, discovered and shared numerous data insights that helped increase conversion
rates and revenue. Today I am pleased to announce my new Adobe
Analytics Analysis Workspace Mastery Course for analysts, digital managers, conversion
managers and those who want to learn how to prepare reports, dashboards and analyze data
for making data informed decisions. If you have just started working with Adobe
Analytics or don’t feel confident analyzing data in Analysis Workspace, or just want to
learn this data analysis tool, this course is for you. After completing this video course, you will
be able to create analytic projects, reports and dashboards using the wide variety of visualizations
available in Analysis Workspace. You will be able to create segments, calculated metrics,
custom date ranges, work with attribution models, analyze visitor behavior and conversion
funnels. I know that questions appear along the way.
You may have experience that after completing a training course you had a lot of questions.
And then you may feel disappointed, because the training did not help you achieve what
you wanted. To make sure that you are satisfied with this
course, I include one individual online training on Analysis Workspace with me personally at
no extra cost. You can raise all your questions and unresolved issues. Sign up for the Mastery Course today to become
a professional in Adobe Analytics. Talk to you soon.

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  1. Have a look at several advanced visualizations explained in Adobe Analytics Mastery Course:
    📅 Calendar Events in Analysis Workspace
    📊 Diverging Bar Chart for Comparison with the Average

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