13 MITMF Plugins

Hello and welcome to this lecture in this lecture we’ll see how to use the tools that are provided to the man in the middle framework. So first of all if I just open my door Minal and type men in the middle framework and the hell then we’ll see all of the tools that are available with this man in the middle you can see we can inject the key logger. We can just take this screen so we can just do something that is a screen start over here and you can see we can inject the JSC at all so let’s see how we can inject that this. We’re not going to talk about the big framework over here but if I just open the beef you will see this terminal will be opened and the beef remote about the beef room will be covered in the upcoming leg. So where we’ll have the complete section boarding this leg looks I’m going to only saw you about how to inject this new all with the help of man in the middle. So it is beef and the password over here will be also beef. So I would be free milk is up and running. So you can see we have this. You had a logo here which is that is clipped to you at all. So that means you can use. Which is. Let me just make this a bit bigger then you could see over here we can use this insect method. So we’ll inject the URL with the help of these men in the middle. So let’s start there. So first of all is always really start with the man in the middle framework. And let me just clear this first and I’ll just say man in the middle. Framework. And we are doing our bee spoofing. So it DLP spoof. And after that I’ll just add the gateway as before. So it will be a gateway. And here it will be 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 1. And after that we’ll just add the targets. So I want to inject this idea as well to this machine. That means I have to get the machines. That is IP address. So let’s get that to 1 9 2 1 6 8 dot wondered. So the IP address is right here which is 14. So if the IP address lists make sure that it is 14 IP config and it is surely 14. So after that you have to now give the interface. And in this case it is double and zero. So after that what I want to do is inject that G url. So it is the payload or basically this is the argument that is going to inject. So I’ll just say yes GDP and you can see the URL is right here. So when I just opened that B framework it is giving us this url. So this is the earliest TTP and now it will be IP address of this limousine. And after that we’ll have these three thousand for two weeks you can directly see over here. And here we have these hook dot just files stored. So what we are doing is we are just injecting this year scored in this target or in this machine which is our window missing. So instead of IP here is to be IP address of columns in so less source or basically get that IP address. I have config and you can see this is I put this up missing. Let’s go over here and listen this. So it is 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 dot will. So if I now run this then it is going to inject our this okay. We have here that is interface an interface is suing us either because we just missed out here one yes. So let’s go and let’s add one more deaths in this move unless it into our man in the middle will be running. And now it is earning so you could see clearly our man in the middle framework is up and running. And if I go so go to the browser then you could see the B framework is also running. So now let’s go to this machine which is our window machine analysts solve that IP. This is a let’s go to that IP addresses of columns in which is this 1 9 2 1 6 8 dot wonder well is it into. And it is going to give us this welcome to hacker world. And this is basically where we have inject our bill. So now our server is up and running but before that we have to also inject this new Idol which is right here in our script. So let’s go the place where our server is up and running. So it should be in this route. And in this var w w w it is inside this system. So you could see the index start a stable base. So now what I need to do is just give these. Basically I want to do this file so let’s open the terminal here nano and index dot SDM. And if I didn’t. This is the file and it could see that we have now injected the source is 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 dot eleven but now what I want is of this remove everything from here. Let’s go over here. So instead of you could see that what you need to do is use this capital this you URL which is the right leg given over here. So let’s go back and what is that terminal. So it is right here. So while opening this big view just to get this terminal and it has this script so all you need to do is simply copy that and get back to here and you can just open that terminal where we have this opened here. So who just write the IP address now of missing. So the IP address of Clementine is 1 9 2 1 6 hit wonder well where we have the support with our hook door. This file is restored. So after you put this script in our index dot estimable you have to say to this space control or to save the space into and control the X to exit. Now our index wrote estimate is ready. That means we have now injected this into the file. Now whoever opens that website are basically way were open so that Web site which is index start is dismal. It is going to inject these ideas to that you are still using these men in the middle framework so you could clearly see we have now injected this you URL to that Web site or basically to the Web site index that is dismal is our web server and that in that we’ve said we have seen how to inject with the help of many in the middle framework. We have these that is this other which is the argument that is responsible to do that. So let’s go to our emissaries and if we see that first of all you have to run the web server and after you run the web server you will just have to just go to this lingo basically Lybia address of the limousine which is 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 or twelve. In my case you can confirm it by using IE. You have config so let’s confirm that I have config. So after that what you need to do is go back to our server basically to go back to our client just space that IP addresses you can confirm the IP addresses so that IP addresses is right here 1 9 2 1 6 said wondered well which is diabetes is of this column missing and if I just seed into it is going to render the base which is welcome to hacker world which are the content of index DOT estimates and let’s go back to our column missing and let’s open this Firefox then you can see we have now online browser. So this is the same browser which is the Firefox which is over here. So now you can inject all of the command we’ll see all in detail in the upcoming lecture but for now let me just say that I want the redirection and if I just redirect as I say related the browser and I’ll just solidarity to maybe. OK I want to redirect you to Twitter Twitter dot com so less execute this Come on let’s go back to Firefox then it will have now that it Ericsson that is to the Twitter dot com. So you could clearly see we have now injected that payload which was done and. OK. Well I just tried to close it. So let’s close this down and let’s get what we have done here. So we use many in the middle framework to inject that hook that is using the DSA you in Stargate now we can run any command that is provided by the hook in order to this part from that operation. You have to use this man in the middle remote. So this is importance of the man in the military mode. You can use so much of tools over here. Let’s do some more. So let me this or close this one because we don’t need anymore. And now next is I want maybe the screen. So if I want these screens out it is manning the middle framework. And if I just say go to the hell it will just get everything that is needed. Now we have seen how we can just inject the GSE level with the help of man in the middle framework. Let’s see what else we can do. So I’m just saying that man in the middle framework and. And you could see we have so many options so we have this substance to spoof obviously and the next is to take the screens out so let’s see for this concert. So it is the same command so many in the middle framework AARP is spoof. After that you have to surpass the gateway first and that Gateway will be 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 da. It is 1. And after that targets and in my case it is targets. And Target is 1 9 2 1 6 8 1 not 14. After that we have to specify the interface which is the land zero. And after that you have to pass to a screen. So you could see it is a screen command and that there should be the second to one to the steps of the screen. So if you don’t pass anything over here it is. Default is a 10 second. So if we hit it all you will just grab the screen logs of the line but there is another. That is the key logger which is very interesting so let’s see first that. So after users forget that that is same command deal here because we didn’t have to do anything till now because it is the same command for the man in the middle framework. Only difference will be your argument that you passed after this interface. So in this case I wanted this key logger and. OK. It is all in lowercase. This key logger. And let’s see if this is the actual argument. I am confused over here is it is this key logger and it is this law that closer to our website. So let’s head into and our man in the middle framework is running. So let’s go over here and lists a source for this Web site and let’s go back to the column missing so that either was because of the different land in so I just mistakenly listed on the real o m as windows we have to test on the virtual box and in here if you see if I just spots test we assume it would be a line then it is showing that it is a message and basically it is window machine over here. And let’s go here and let me just put something else so if I say may be OK. What if I just do something like If I say hey if I display school then you will see that there will be the post and let’s go here. So it is the post. So it has not been deposed. It is nothing to so let’s go and change the setting first. So what I’m going to do is go to the network connect and network adapter or let’s go over here and in the settings of the scope to the network and say not network let’s press OK. Let’s go back here and now what I need to do is launch again this. Let’s see if this has OK. We have this back to the Firefox or ordinal over here. And now if I say hey it should capture that key logger and now OK it has not captured. So there might be something. Let’s go to your profile and it has not kept the anything yet because we have not written anything. So I’ll just say use a name and something like use a name. And this is logging. But this is a key logger that means it has to capture something. But it is thus giving us this attribute either because of the network connection it is only showing us this land operation. So this might be either because of the network adapter that we are connecting from the virtual box and on the original or hooking fence and so that might be one either we’ll just rectify it and saw you in the next lecture. See you in the next one.

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