Hey everyone! Ready for your daily brain exercise???
We’ve selected some logic riddles for you today, some are easy some are super hard. but don’t worry, we’ll tell
you the answers. Airport employees were told that an intruder
was preparing to smuggle some things through customs. They called the police. A detective
detained four suspects. They all said that the things in their suitcases belonged to
them. The detective took a proper look at their suitcases. He realized which one was
the criminal. Check out the suitcases for yourself…Who’s the smuggler? He’s the smuggler. He’s got shampoo in his suitcase. But he’s bald. A bride came running into a police station. She said: “After our wedding day, we went on a honeymoon road-trip in a convertible. We didn’t take any phones with us… Suddenly our car skidded into a huge mud patch. My husband tried to get out, but it didn’t work the mud just made the tires skid around. We got out of the car and I ran for help… when I came back, I found my husband unconscious in the back seat!” The policeman immediately realized that the bride was lying. How? the bride said that they drove into a huge mud patch and that they got out of the car, but the bride’s dress was totally clean. The son of millionaire Mr. Dawes was attacked.
He was taken to a hospital. The police called up his relatives to get some more information.
Detective: “Your son was attacked. Could you come to the hospital?” Mr. Dawes: “I
haven’t spoken to any of my children for 7 years. But of course, I’ll come.”
Detective: “Your brother was attacked. Could you come to the hospital?” John: “We had
a falling out ages ago. I can’t even remember why now… anyway, we haven’t spoken to
each other for 7 years, but I’ll come as soon as I can.”
Detective: “Your brother’s in the hospital. Could you come?” Sarah: “We haven’t
spoken to each other for several years, but I WILL come. After all, he is my brother.”
The victim’s family arrived one by one… The detective immediately detained one of
them for questioning. Who and why? Answer: The detective detained Mr. Dawes.
He wasn’t told which son was in the hospital, but he signed a basket for Samuel. Mr. Dawes
knew which son was in the hospital because he had organized the attack on him. Kate worked as a cashier in a shop. One day
she brought her little son to the shop. He was playing and accidentally spilled ketchup
on his mother’s uniform. Kate went out to wash the stains. She was gone for 5 minutes.
When she returned, she saw an empty cash register and a note from the thief. There were three
people in the shop at the time. Look around carefully…Who is the thief? Answer: The thief is clearly left-handed.
So it‘s the guy with a cigarette in his left hand. It was a perfectly normal day in a quiet little
city. Out of the blue, people started reporting robberies and break-ins all over town. It
was a crime-wave! A detective posted some ads around the city. “A reward for any information
about the robberies” One smart citizen responded to the ad. He said he had seen a suspicious
man near his house. He was looking at each house carefully, as if he was choosing which
one to rob next! The detective came right over. There were 3 houses.
Which house did the burglar decide to rob? This house! There’s nothing to steal in
the first house. The owners of the second house are home…too risky. There’s a lot
of snow on the roof and the driveway of the third house. The owners have been gone for several days. Matthew was kidnapped in the street. After
a while, the kidnapper sent Matthew’s wife a note with a riddle. He would give Matthew
a second chance if his wife solved the riddle quickly. If she didn’t, he would hurt Matthew.
“I don’t like to drink coffee, but I love a cup of tea, I don’t swim in lakes or rivers,
but I will swim in the sea, I don’t much care for carrot, but I’m partial to a pea,
Which insect would I like, A. Fly, B. Mosquito, or C. Bee?? The answer Bee. Tea Sea Pea …they all rhyme!
So the answer is a word that also rhymes! Tea sea pea…BEE! The police found out that a criminal was at the airport, but it was too late — he boarded
his flight and flew away. They didn’t know his name, only his face. It would take too
much time to check all the CCTV cameras! Fortunately, the detective received an anonymous note:
What is 3/5 Flour, 1/2 Ribs and 1/3 Daikon? The detective realized the note was telling
hime which city the culprit was in. Let’s go! Time to shine! Which city did he fly to? Answer: Florida! Take the indicated amount
of letters from each word and you get Flo-ri-da. A vegetarian restaurant was involved in a tragic incident.
The manager was attacked. The police were sure that there was a spy from a rival restaurant
amongst the staff. Time to get to the bottom of it! First cook: “I was peeling and cutting
onions during the attack, so my eyes were all teared up, I didn’t see anything!”
waitress: “I was pouring drinks for our customers, I didn’t see anything either.”
Second cook: “I was slicing the beef loin for an appetizer…It’s really delicate
work…I was so focused that I didn’t notice anything!”
cleaning lady: “I was washing the floor in the kitchen. I was listening to music on
my phone, so I didn’t hear the attack!” Answer: The second cook, he forgot that this
is a vegetarian restaurant — he’s the criminal and the spy! John is a time traveler. He has to enter a code to go somewhere on his time machine. John makes up the codes himself. He tries to create a pattern in the sequence of digits. This way he can remember the code even if he accidentally forgets some of the digits. One day, John forgot the last digit of the time machine code. What digit did he forget? The answer is ONE! Andy was attacked. A detective arrived and
interrogated 4 suspects about what they were doing today. Maid: “I washed the dishes
— yesterday was a big celebration…big celebration, lots of dishes.” Mechanic:
“I worked on the owner’s car, it needed a lot of work, oil change, tire rotation,
the works.” Cook: “Today I prepared lunch for the week, you know, pies, cold cuts, that
sort of thing… I was in the kitchen all day” Gardener: “I worked in the garden
all day, planted some flowers, picked some weeds, trimmed the bushes… I didn’t even
take off my gloves once!” Who is the criminal? Answer: the gardener. He said he worked all
day in the garden, but come on, his gloves are clean! David was going to a business meeting when
he was kidnapped. The kidnapper said he would give him a chance to leave. He offered David
a choice of 3 courses. Two of them were poisoned and only one was poison-free. What course
should David choose? Tell me in the Comments…

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