Next, we will see how to read Instagram messages without being seen on Android and iPhone. In the DESCRIPTION of this video, you have links to more Instagram tricks Chapter 1: How to read Instagram messages without Android being seen The first thing you have to do is download the Unseen App, whose link you will find in the video description. Once done check that notifications are active for this App on your mobile Now enter Unseen Click on the 3 horizontal lines icon in the upper left corner of the screen Click on “Settings” In chat applications, check that Instagram is activated Now, when you receive direct messages on Instagram, you can read them through this App and therefore it will not appear “Viewed” within the Instagram App Chapter 2: How to read Instagram messages without iPhone being seen The first thing we will have to do, is on Instagram, press the icon of 3 horizontal lines and select “Settings” Click on “Notifications” and “Direct Messages” Notifications for “Messages” must be activated Now, exit Instagram, enter the iPhone “Settings” and select “Instagram” Click on “Notifications” The upper “Allow notifications” tab must be active Now, notifications will appear when you receive Instagram messages To read the messages, press and hold the notification The last message you sent will appear. When you have read it press the “X” Press and hold again and you will see the previous message. Press “x” and reopen all the necessary times to read it all

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